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The Bitcubes Updates week 19Feb

Welcome back Bitcubers!
Im here with another list of updates.
First off the website is improved again! everything should work as intended now.
Secondly the portal page is also reverted to a single counter as we only have 1 main server.
Beside that the leaderboards on our players stats have also being updated so the avatars should work again.
I have updated 47 plugins today and remade 3 configurations for plugins. so some plugins you use can be updated and being more smooth.
and here comes the new additions and major changes!
First off the chat response for commands and more is being changed everything will soon use a uniform chat responce so it will look all the same style.
i did this because many plugins advertise and all use different colors. its a almost impossible job to edit all plugins their lang file. if they support that.
the first command thats now changed is the GM command available for leader admins. soon more commands will follow.
beside that  the pets is being worked in that means that soon every premium player can use pets again!
and if thats not it there is a mob hunting event that starts when 2 or more players are online in the world.
it will spawn a treasure goblin when you kill that goblin you can loot the treasure!
The fast connect network is reanabled so when connecting between BC Servers it should go way faster.
For premium members the potion enchants are improved and will hang when you hit a enemy.
The Bitsky world is now fully set up and works like its suppose to.

Beside all these updates i wanna remind everyone if you wanna order something online please check if the shop is on this list.
if so click buy now or shop now on that shop area it will make a cookie on your browser allowing BC to get some of your order as a donation without costing you anything more! check it out here https://www.sponsorkliks.com/products/shops.php?club=7879&category=&shopsearch=

19 FEB 2018

Bitsky 2.0 and the worldmap Activation!

Welcome back Bitcubers!
Its another major change and update!
The online worldmaps are back and viewable once its active and online (tomorrow)
Beside that the Bitsky world was unrepairable damaged it was broken and the plugin was causing huge lag spikes thats why 2.0 is born.
2.0 is based on the Mystics islands worlds its a world filled with water and floading islands and domes made of water its Huge and fun!
The map is 1500 x 1500 so its not  HUGE but fun to play and try out. do not Bitsky is a premium world only premium players can build and play there!

Thanks for reading! and see you all online! the bitcubes team

11  FEB 2018

The Great Update And Fix

Welcome back Bitcubers!
The last week some of you might noticed it but the server went down.
our sponsor had some trouble with the connectivity and that was where the Proxy was running so it took the whole network down.
as a fix for that i decided that i move and reinstall the proxy on my own server which is already done and the server is running again.
even better i changed a lot many plugins that where causing some tps issues aswell as lower the join speed have been removed/replaced
let me explane that :)
We used Dynmap a long time now sadly it causes a lag spike a small one but it can also be big when someone joins. because it loads the chucks just like you do.
this causes a lower tps for just a second  on its own thats not a problem but with other factors too it causes a major problem.
beside that we had a tablist running a motd for serverlist and chatfilters and different others which where using up the resources of the server.
those are all replaced by 1 i really say 1 management plugin/system which gives some nice features too 
to start off if there is any problem there are 2 things you can do!
you can go to https://bitcubes.eu/manager/tickets and make a ticket
or you can go on teamspeak and join the BC Support channel. this directly notify's staff to help you.
beside those options you can always still ask for help ingame of course :)

for the missing worldmap you might have noticed that this website has changed a little.
to be exact i have added a in website worldmaps. which are not live but they do show progress and every week i will update the map.
this new map also includes different rotations and better quality then before.
it currently shows BC Kids and survival and BitSky and Acid Islands and even Creative
beside that there is a new premium page added where you can see all premium features.
Do note the donation store is not done yet if you wanna get premium ask mmuziek or join our teamspeak you will get a paypal link to get premium.

and last but not least i have added a special list.
a list that nobody wanna be on a PUNISHMENT LIST yes from now on if someone gets a warn kick or something else you can see that on the online list
why i did this is because some people keep doing the same over and over again against the rules  so if someone is on there others now know it aswell so they can be
more carefull before trading or building together

i think thats it for now if there is anything more i will let you know on this same page!

09  FEB 2018

Meeting Results

Welcome back Bitcubers!
The last meeting was a big one and here are some changes.
Staff apply requirements changed from days to minutes the minimal required amount is 25000 per year (1200 per month)
Player reward program approved. players can soon earn points per minute online and buy cool stuff from those points like Tokens and Ranks
skyblock will be replaced with a special version
Time voting will be installed allowing you to vote to set it to day! or night...
the website and such are all updated conform the changes asked by the community/staff

28  Jan 2018

The Updates of 18-Jan-2018

Welcome back Bitcubers!
im here again with the latest changes and fixes.
it took some time before i posted this but  i want many things to report before reporting :D
so to be short here is the list of changes:

Fixed the money bags not giving money (report if you still have a broken gold bag)
Fixed lobby portal to bitsky
Replaced the entrance to BC Event hall
New lobby finished and active
Fixed parkour not generating second block
Fixed TNT Run now it has exit signs.
Changed the RSP system so that it would not load another resourcepack when entering or leaving the lobby
Fixed Build battle game it was stuck on loading
fixed Elite Mobs they now appear again
Removed old lobby completely including old npcs Redstone commandblocks particles signs ect....
Improved the server TPS
Removed unnessasairy files from server
Cleaned the servers plugin folder
Fixed zombie gamemode
Updated bitcubes plugin
Fixed /spawn command
Fixed /warp command
Fixed CMI Permissions
Configurated new location for drop parties
Created new Enchanting signs
Updated the webscripts from the portal
Updated the website
Updated 38 Plugins
and more that i cannot remember.
Thank you all for reading! and see you on bitcubes!
Greetings the bitcubes team! 

18  Jan 2018

The Updates of 11-Jan-2018

Welcome back Bitcubers!
Here i am with another list of updates:
First of the server has been down for about 1 hour because if a prepairation of the new lobby activating soon.
the new server lobby will include much better and open area so you can find your way more easy.
all the lobbys will be replaced. this means all Gamemodes and Minigames aswell as the hall of fame.
also all special areas like the communitydome will be replaced aswell.
Next to that there are some plugin updates for:
MobLoot updated
portals updated
luckyblocks are working again.. updated
Banks are updated
Our Bitsky world generator updated
and more plugins (10 ) are also updated but they are mostly libs for supportive functions you will not notice.
beside that there is another big improvement! New Pets!
these pets can be any mob in game and you can train/level them beside that they will all fight with you!
you can train them skills and more. soon a video will showcase all the features but the plugin is installed but not yet activated for premium yet due to the fact the old plugin had to be removed and it needs to be tested and configurated so it doesnt bother you when ur training them. more info on this topic will come soon.
the donation system thats in the works is also almost ready if you wanna see a video about it then checkout my channel http://youtube.com/user/mmuziek
the worldmap is fixed now since the transfer the worldmap where not working at all and where showing black worlds aswell as worlds that where not enabled to be viewed and some worlds where missing this is all fixed now.

Thanks for reading! and see you all online! the bitcubes team

11  Jan 2018

Important Change For Staff and Players

Hi there bitcubers
Me mmuziek am having a bit of a struggle.
Every day i get loads of complains about a single issue sometimes even repeatively.
I understand that some problems can cause some annoying feelings but i always try to do my best to solve it.
due to the fact that its becoming to much for me to handle all the reports at once. 
i hereby add a rule. all bugreports that are made even the suggestions can now only be done here:
select the bitcubes community project and make ur report. i will react and oversee everything way more easy.
Beside the fact that everyone can see which reports are already made.
so for the future any suggestion or bugreport (NOT playerreports) must be done using that system.

thanks in advance mmuziek owner of bitcubes

9  Jan 2018

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