The Bitcubes Community System

We want to offer all our players a easy and fun play zone thats why we handle these basic rules

1. No Cheating or hacking in any way!
2. We do not allow misuse of Bugs and Glitches this includes duping of items xp or currency and more
3. We have respect for each other this means we do not insult treat or anything negative in the chat or during gameplay if you do not like each other then go away from each other.
4. Griefing is allowed in public zones only claimed grounds cannot be griefed and cannot be PVP'd in.
5. When you donate its final a chargeback is not allowed if you want a refund contact  BC Staff

1. Abuse of Premium features or commands is not allowed
2. using premium features for other players is NOT allowed
3. Giving Premium Kits to non Premium players is only allowed if not abused

Bitcubes has some pvp guidelines/rules to keep the server fun!
1. Stealing is only allowed in public unclaimed grounds. so if you want your stuff protected claim it if you do not have enough claim blocks you can get more by playing or buying in donation store
2. No spawn killing this means if they are at their bed and its unclaimed do not kill them until their out of their house or if they attack you
3. Griefing is allowed in unclaimed and public ground see rule 1 for claim possibilities
Staffs word is final if there is any problem regarding a staffs decition then contact mmuziek on teamspeak or minecraft
he will make its own reaction and can overrule the staffs actions.
Unban Apply button is down below this will not mean that you will get a unban it will mean that mmuziek is gonna take a look if you get another chance
Only Staff leaders and Owners can provide perma bans

We can do 4 things if you break the rules.
Warn you for your actions
Kick if you do not listen
Mute if you are spamming/Being Unrespectfull
Ban if the problem stays or if your rule that you broke is enough.
Stated by the Staff guidelines staff must always first give a warning before taking any other action. its up to them if they warn you multiple times or if they go to a kick.
A Ban can only be given based on t he servity of the rule or if you have a kick and still continue.