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1 Month


See Feature list below

3 Months

15 3€ Discount
  • See Feature list below

1 Year

65 7€ Discount
  • See Feature list below
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The Features

There are A LOT of features check them here!


Yes you have read it the right way!
Vehicles! Cars Rafts Submarines Bikes and more!
You can buy them ingame fuel them and drive to your desire!

Special Access

Ever wanna join the server when its full?
Now you can it will kick a normal member out when you wanna join and the server is full!

Flying Carpet

Ever wanted to fly but not cheat?
try walking in the air on this glass carpet!
including your own light!.

Premium Rewards

The Reward system on the server gives more when you are premium
then when your not premium
allowing more gameplay and fun! every day!

Premium Kit

Once every day you can call the special Premium kit.
When you die you lose stuff right well this will help you back on track! *

Bitsky Access

Normal players can only explore there.
When your premium you can get to survive there!
A new Adventure awaits! ***

Minigame Bonus

Get higher rewards on winning a Minigame!
This will boost your rewards when your a premium member!

Weather Control

Dont like when its raining?
Dont like when its sunny?
Just switch them around! **

Rail Miners

Wanna Mine Without breaking your pickaxe?
Make a nice large miner fill it up with needed resources
and watch it mine for you!

Automatic Luck!

as a member you can make luckyblocks
but as premium you can find them while mining!
its a small chance but it happens a lot!

More Creative Plots

Need more space in creative?
Not a problem claim up to 3 more plots and you can merge them
on demand!

Automatic Sorting

Is your chest a mess?
Or having a big load of chests and you do not know where you put the dirt?
Get access to Chest sorting and Automatic Sort Definers
Sort your inventory to the correct chest in 1 command
Or double click any inventory to sort it based on id or any other option!

Banner Maker

Wanna Decorate your house with nice banners?
Dont have any Dye or time to make all those?
Open up the banner maker and make your banner in a few clicks with the easy to use Creation Gui then you can either craft or buy the banners on demand! it evens saves your made designs for later use!

Own Shops

As a Premium member you can make your own shops.
and you can ask mmuziek to add you to one of the premium shopping area plots! so your shop is easy to find!
Shops are GUI based and do not require any commands!

Remote Tools

Wanna Bank?
Or wanna go to your warp pad but your not there?
A single command or item can give you a faster way to do much things!
Warping to any Gamemode
Use the remote warppad to warp to own destination!
open the item bank whereever you are!
and much more!.

Statue Builder

If your premium then ur important right?
Make yourself a Big Statue of yourself with this easy tool!
Make a platform add some chest fill the chest and your
ready to go!
it makes a full size statue of you!
Automaticly and easy!


Yup you can now make chairs tables and more
just decorate your house with anything you want!
it even comes with a recipe guide /furniture recipe [name]

Wings Clouds Trails

Yes you have it all! make your own particle Wings clouds or leave a trail behind when you walk its all possible in 1 Gui!

Mass Painter

When your painting with dye as a member 1 block at a time cost you 1 dye at a time.
what about mass painting!
as premium you can paint a big area at once even better it changes the amount of paint you used!
8 Glass Blocks can be painted using 1 dye!

Bow and Elytra Particles

Travel and fight in style!
Make your own particle combination or use a single preset particle for your bow and elytra!


Travel your way up or down by creating special elevators!
with particle effects and a instand movement you can be quicker to the top then ever!


Yes a Basic but advanced thing.
Pets let you keep a pet of your choice feed it train it walk with it do whatever you like it even helps you with enemy's!

Special Premium Tokens

Ever wanna get great tools armor or weapons?
Premium tokens are the way to go!
You get 2 tokens for every euro spend in the donation store
that means with  1 month premium you have 12 already!
You can spend those premium tokens in the premium lobby in spawn!

Extra Gifts!

Who Gets premium gets some neat gifts!
get a free ingame Cake to celebrate your premium rank
Get a 5 % off coupon for next purchase!
Get a Luckyblock Pack of 5 Luckyblocks

and if thats not enough!
You are also added to the Donation Milestones (see Below)
The MileStones are extra rewards you can get for donating!

Player Milestones


* Premium kit can only be used 1 time every 24 hours

** Ask fellow players before changing weather abuse is not allowed

*** Once your premium runs out so does the access to that world. you stuff will be still there but you cannot  continue playing there when you do not have premium