Whats important to know!

Safe your items

Nothing is more frustrating then losing items thats why we at bitcubes have a item bank
anything stored in there is safe even between world resets and big updates
you can find the Item Bank in the Lobby at the Bank

Personal XP/money

Same as for items XP and on inventory money can be lost on such a big update.
To save your XP either turn it to Bottles using a Liquid Tank or use the XP you have on your body.
Make sure all Liquid Tanks are empty of XP otherwise there is a chance its gone too.
for Money you can like items store it in the bank anything stored there is safe

Your Buildings

The good news is that until now there is no need to regenerate the world.
so all buildings chests and more are safe on the update.
Do note that the claim can possible break in the update so we recommend to join the server after the update to check the city protection of your land.

Usefull Tips

Premium gets extended

If you have paid for a timed Premium rankl then the offline days will be added to your
remaining time to compensate for the days its not online.
this only counts if the update takes longer then 24 hours

New Biomes and structures?

The Best thing thats gonna happen are the new biomes blocks structures and fish!
 The fish will spawn every ocean but the blocks and structures only in new chuncks.
Thats why the Bitcubes border will enlarge with 1000 blocks once the update is live.
the Map will be PRE rendered to the new border and the online worldmap updated


Bitcubes always keeps everything updated.
but as most of you know plugins can break between updates.
the good news is that most bugs are fixed within 1 week after update release.
the bad news is that in the first week its possible some features are not available. BUT
we always try to get it back if its not working within 1 week then we replace the functionality with an other plugin

Current Release date

Q2 2018

Minecraft 1.13

The Minecraft 1.13 and bitcubes