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Why am i doing this?

Voting on these networks grants us more populairity.
The more votes come in the higher we get in the lists.
The higher we get in the lists the more people who finds us.
More finders = more players = More fun!

Do i get anything in return?

Yes people who vote for the Minecraft server will get ingame
Vote Tokens.
These can be exchanged ingame for different items and perks!

Other games do not have rewards yet

Does this cost anything?

No definetly not!
The only thing that can exist is that it needs a account to vote.
But most sites only require your ingame nickname!

Why are there no links on the ?? server tab

Not every server has voting support.
We try to find our way through like 200 websites but most of them are fake.
To counter attack this issue we only add real and good websites for voting.
And of course we do wanna reward everyone for voting so that must be inplace in that game aswell

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