The Unturned Division is unavailable for the moment check back later

Currently the unturned division is offline.
The reason for it is the admin having private matters to worry about.
As we support our admins and players we are working on a new Unturned server.
However this takes some time as the other admins are not the ones experienced in unturned hosting so we are doing our best.

The Unturned Division

Welcome to the Unturned Division.
The Unturned Division is a PVP server that you can play with your friends. It also also many mods installed with special weapons that you can use. also more cars/aircrafts are in the game itself.

Bitcubes merged with Xerologic Unturned in 2018 both going under the  Bitcubes Flag!

Below you find all information you need!
Thank your for joining and have fun ingame!

  1. /TPA [name] < Send a request to a player for teleporting to them.
  2. /TPA Accept < Accept received request for teleporting
  3. /TPA Deny < Deny received request for teleporting
  4. /HOME < Teleports you back to your home
  5. /MAXSKILLS < Max all your skills
  6. /RANK [name] < Checks your KDR or any other players Rank ingame.
  7. /DISPLAY < Display the GUI on your screen.
  8. /RANKING < Check the top 3 Ranked players
  9. /STATS < check your stats
  10. /LOADKIT [kitname] < load your current saved kit
  11. /SAVEKIT [kitname] < Save your current inventory and weapons
  12. /LISTKITS < Lists all your saved kits
  13. /DELETE [name] < Delete your Current kit you have saved.

Get even more Unturned on our server!

BC Unturned VIP

Wanna do more and have a special tag in the game? get VIP!

The VIP Rank gives you the following:

  • Access to /heal
  • Create your own custom kits
  • Get a special VIP Tag ingame
  • Access to /clear to clear your inventory

All that for just 5 euros a month! What are you waiting for become a VIP!

Problems? Question let us list the common ones!

Why is * weapon banned?

Some weapons are way to OP to save into a kit.
If u could it causes you to be such a strong player that nobody else has a chance.
And because the game must be balanced we keep it banned

Can u Unban * Weapon?


If a weapon is banned we did that with a reason.
Check why is * weapon banned for that answer.

We never just unban a weapon if its banned from saving it stays like that because it can cause the whole server balance to go down

Why is the server down!

The server can be down sometimes. this can have many reasons:

  • Server Crash
  • Updates
  • Movement and Checkups
  • Fixes
  • Changes

if its down we will work on it.
Our staff gets notified when its down so u do not have to report it to us.
However if the server stays down longer then 1 hour please check our forums and our discord if there is a announcement explaning why it is down.

Is the server online i cannot connect?

Thats sad. let us follow the following checklist to see if its a problem with us or a problem with you.

  1. Check our website if the server is online (status at bottom)
  2. Check if your computer has a internet connection
  3. Check if there is no antivirus or security program blocking the game.
  4. check if the steam servers are online (https://steamstat.us/)


it always come to these 4 points. if it doesnt apply the server is online u have internet connection and no antivirus problem and the steam servers are online.
Please reinstall the game and check from there

Why cant i not save my kit?

To use the save custom kit option you must be a VIP.

get it on donationstore.bitcubes.eu

Can i Become Staff?

Checkout become staff on our website to see if we have a open spot

Why is the server changing the VIP rank and member rank *

* Temp FAQ

The server is terribly unbalanced.
Players can save almost all kits and be overpowered in just 1 second.
We found out that many new players just starting cannot even start due to the overpowered other players.

We think everyone should deserve a spot on our server and have some time to make their way into the game.

But because we do not wanna discard the functionality you can get it in the VIP package this is 5 Euro a month from https://donationstore.bitcubes.eu

Im banned how can i be unbanned?

Please go to appeal.bitcubes.eu and fill out the form

BC Support