The bitcubes MC Updates since December 2019

author image by mmuziek | 0 Comments | 14 January 2020

sorry for the huge delay but we have a lot of great changes since the last update post here we GO!

We have transfered to the new 1.15 world which means that the old builds are no longer reachable
since we announced it back then we hope you have saved your items into the bank. as they are there safe! (with exception of shulkerboxes more on that below)

Now for the updates and changes:
1. New Vehicles are back again! As member you can ride bike’s and car’s sail the sea’s on a raft and have them in different colors!

2. For premium members you can also have helicopters Hoverbikes planes and submarines

3. Bee’s are now a thing and because they are so rare we made them a bit more reachable.
If you plant any birch or oak tree there is a 5% chance it contains a hive with 1 to 3 bee’s Be ware they can sting you !

4. A lot of fixes to our lobby there where some minor holes here and there and the ammo for the turrets have been added to the premium lobby. Since we are chaning things the Burst tower will soon be for sale for the normal members aswell

5. New healing turret for premium since the turrets where premium only and the burst is moving to the member area the new healing turret will be replacing the burst in the premium lobby the healing tower heals targets if they need it.

6. Special hoppers removed. the upgradeable hoppers where cool but made a mess in our entire redstone systems. for this reason its been removed the hoppers will now function as normal and soon mabe with a filter system added to it (we are looking into one)

7. Hoe monitoring (do not mistake the word) you can now use a Hoe from any material to right click and see the progress of that object it works for all farming items and also for beehives and nests!

8.BCMA announcers some of the premium members loved the bitcubes Mine assistant however the vein miner has been removed this due to the fact that many complains about items dropping in lava is becoming a bit to big.
However in place of that it now announces the minerals you mined when u have the option enabled as premium. soon it will toggle on for everyone and can only be turned off by premium members

9. Automatic farming has changed. Since the 1.15 update came the Automatic farms working on a end rod have changed their way of working. they now work using modules so animal farms and crop farms are now seperated it can also paginate (multiple chests storage in the farm) and can collect items from mobs aswell like collecting eggs from chickens.

10. BC Gate security. a new system that protects us against people with a VPN or proxy software.
Since this was a growing problem of hackers joining through their vpn getting banned changed their ip/name and joined again all joiners with a VPN will now be Bounced this means turn off the vpn to join. its just the way it is.

11. BC Resourcepack this one is a bit more annoyance for some people however let me explane:
The Resourcepack does not replace any textures instead it adds sounds and icons the sounds are needed for the effects of the BC LABS Minigames as they use those sounds and the Icons are chat icons the link to the usable icon list will be linked HERE simply download the file open it in your text editor and copy the square between ( ) the square is the datacode for the icons. note that canceling and rejecting the server pack gets you kicked. this because if u do not use it there is a chance you crash due to the systems that need it. causing data loss

12. Premium store moved the donation store has been moved from to the website. NOTE old donations still stand. and will expire when they need to. the domain will now point to the correct store.

Now for the problems and reports:
1. the shulkerboxes are recommended if filled DO NOT PUT IN BANK there is a chance that they are empty when you click them to get them out.
2. Some vehicles have cannons the helicopter the plane both have cannons they can be activated by using a certain item. This is damaging even in claims note that we do Log who did it and its still griefing so NOT ALLOWED! it will result in a direct Perma BAN however using on own property is allowed and in the wilderniss but still look where you shoot!
3. The boards in the lobby are down we are working to get them back but even we need to wait until the dev brings a release. once its there it will directly be passed through. however when this happens there is a chance that the maps people have can be changed to parts of the boards in the lobby so a free new map will be given to those who have that issue by then.

Thats it my fingers hurt but we are up2date now.! Thanks for reading and have fun!

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