Bitcubes Rust

Wanna get it more real
Wanna shoot with something other then a bow?
then rust is something for you!

It combines Building and survival with PVP in a realistic environment.

a big openworld area with lots of loot and buildings to raid.

  • Custom plugins
  • 2 Speeds 1000x and Vanilla
  • Raiding
  • Open world
  • Non Persistent

    Once in a while the world will reset and buildings are lost.
    however with the high speed your back on track in no time!

  • Quick battle

    Everything is on high speed. from crafting to gathering get into the battle in no time!

  • High danger level

    Due to the high speed everyone can become a danger in no time. be aware your not alone!

  • Persistent

    World stays buildings are not wiped if possible.
    you have unlimited time to build as long as your cupboard is loaded for the upkeep of your base

  • Survival Experience

    Collect items, go on a hunt , get some wood and stone and start the real survival game!

  • Average danger level

    Normal speed states that it takes time to get everything however it can change when someone with high loot die's
    are you up for that challenge?

[-------------------------------------BC Rust Division------------------------------------]
Join us now on for 1000x - for Vanilla

Wanna see the world before you join

Checkout our satelite uplink!