Everyone should get Respect!
So no harrasing no negative commentairy against each other and no flaming against each other. show each other some respect!

18+ Content

We support all ages of 12 +
So 18+ content and Illigal stuff may not be discussed about not even in chat


We always try to be universal which means english is the main language unless everyone else in that channel / chat agrees a other language til a other player joins.


Nobody likes to be trown a lot of ads to not on our network aswell.
Linking to any other communities is not allowed unless approved by an admin.
futhermore the other rules apply to this aswell


Advertising is strictly forbidden its not allowed not for products and not for services and not for other communities

Media Sharing

Scharing videos is only allowed from nowhere else.
The reason is simple and refers to the security of our members.

Security and privacy

As we at bitcubes are secured. we never sell share or post any of your information. We recommend to keep personal information private to all our staff and members/guests

Hacking and cheating

Nobody likes a disadvantage.
Thats why whe defend ourselves agains hackers and cheaters.
Cheat/hack = ban always.
No exceptions


Every game on the world has some bugs/glitches.
instead report them to be fixed.
If you abuse its a warn til a ban


The owner has the last word. underneath that there are admins they are there to solve problems. listen to them if you dont we need to take action and mabe even ban you

Premium and paid stuff

As we are bound to rules with money things.
we only accept donations.
These cannot be charged back or refunded unless its never delivered (you need proof that its not delivered)

Player reporting

If you see a player do something what you think is wrong and against our rules.
contact a admin and if its a admin contact the owner to solve the matter please take screenshots or a video if possible