Why donate?

Well to be short because we need it to keep the server alive.
The money goes to the following in that order:

1. server renewal
2. server website
3. server plugins

What is a rank?

A rank is an ingame permission group thats also connected to our teamspeak.
with a rank you get MUCH MUCH more permissions then you normally have!
for example normal players cannot set the weather a premium member can!

Below is the list of Ranks and Rank Addons with their permissions

Rank / Rank AddonPermissionCommand / changehow to use?descriptionServer / World
ALLspawn/spawnenter command in chatthis will teleport you back to the spawn of the serverALL
ALLHomes/sethome (name)
/home (name)
Premium gets 5 more homes to set
enter command in chat with optionally the name of the home you want to set or teleport tothis will save a location you can later teleport back to members have by default max 5 homesALL
Engineerengineeropen the engineer app on the phonewhen the app is open click the action you want to performthis allows the engineer to enable buildmode to build or repair stuff aswell as to unlock themselves from minecartsBCLand
Managermanageropen the manager app on the phonewhen the app is open click the action you want to performthis allows manager to manage shows and attractions in the parkBCLand
PremiumCompass/compassenter command in chat.this command shows you where you are looking.ALL
Premiumgetpos/getposenter command in chat.this will show your current position in coordinatesALL
Premiummessage/msg [name] [message]enter command using the name of the receiver and the message you want to sendthis will send a private message to the person you want nobody can read it except the adminsALL
Premiummail/mail send [name] [message]
/mail read
/mail clear
enter command in chat using the action you want and for sending the name of the receiver and the message you want to send. this system is the same as msg but works with offline playersallows for message to be send to offline playersALL
Premiumpets/mp guienter command in chat then click the pet you want to usethis spawns in a tiny pet you can ride hold and follows you aroundALL
Premiumgadgets/uc open gadgetenter command in chatThis will open the menu with the gadgets you can use!ALL
Premiummoods/uc open emotesenter command in chat.This opens the emotes menu click the emote to emote yourself!ALL
Premiumparticle effects/uc open particlesenter command in chatopens up the particle menu click the icon you want to
spawn particles around you (Fancy!)
PremiumTrails wings clouds/trailsenter command in chat then choose option you wantthis will spawn particles in different styles it does it at the feet for trails and wings on ur back and the cloud above yout head.ALL
PremiumPlot merging/plot mergeuse command in chat while looking at the plot you want to merge to and standing in the plot you wanna merge fromthis will merge 2 plots together creating a long or wide or bigger plotCreative @BCWorld
PremiumRecipe/recipe [itemname]enter command in chat with the name of the item you wanna makeThis command will show you how to craft stuff note that it does not include all recipesALL
Premiumseen/seen [name]enter command in chat with the username you wanna checkthis will show you when that place was last online on that serverALL
Premiumhat/hatenter command in chat while holding a blockThis will put the block your holding on your headALL
Premiumweather control/weather clear
/weather storm
/weather sun
enter command in chat.
storm make it rain
sun gets back the sun
This will change the weather for all players in that world keep in mind do not abuseALL
PremiumBow Trails/bowenter command in chatthis will open a gui to customize your arrow particlesBCWorld and BCLand
Premiummyhead/myheadenter command in chatthis command gives you your own headALL
PremiumBikes/bikeshopenter command in chatThis will open a shop where you can buy bikes to ride onBCWorld
Premiumsubmarines/submarineshopenter command in chatthis will open a shop where you can buy submarinesBCWorld
PremiumRafts/raftshopenter command in chatthis will open a shop where you can buy raftsBCWorld
PremiumFurniture/furniture recipeenter command in chat.
put recipe in crafting table to craft
the command will show the recipe how to craft it.
survival @BCWorld
Premiumitem database/itemdb (name)use this while holding an item or enter a name beside it to get more information about that itemthis command will show you the id of the item aswell as other informationALL
Premiumme/me [message]Shows a quote from yourself
enter the command and message
this command will show a white message using yourname and your messageALL
Premiumping test/pingenter command in chatuse this command to test your connection it will always return pong if it takes longer then 1 seconds you have a connection issueALL
Premiumcompacting/compactenter command in chatthis will compact all minerals into blocks if possible like 9 diamonds to a diamond blocksurvival @ BCWorld
Premiumchat colorsgives acces to colors in msg messagesenter a colorcode before your messagethis wil colorize your msg message.
for example if you send
&2hi im a noob
then it will send a green message saying your a noob
PremiumBannermaker/bannermakerenter command in chat.
then choose the action you want to perform
this allows to design banners and view the recipe for it or buy the banners you designBCWorld
PremiumMagic Carpet/mcenter command in chatthis spawns a glass carpet below you when you jump it goes up shift is down note do not run you will fall off!Survival @BCWorld
PremiumMagic Light/mc lightenter command in chatthis will spawn a glowstone in your carpet to light up you carpet and surroundingsSurvival @BCWorld
PremiumMcMMO Time BoosterHalves the waiting time for Active abilitiesDirectly Activethis will lower the time between uses of an active abilitySurvival @BCWorld
PremiumMcMMO XP BoostGives 10% More XP for all skillsDirectly ActiveThis will give you 10% more xp for your skillsSurvival @BCWorld
PremiumMcMMO chimaerawingGives access to use the chimaerawingCraft the chimaerawing using feathers filling 6 slots on the crafting tableWhen using it it will teleport you back to your bed or spawnpointSurvival @BCWorld
PremiumUC Hats/uc menu hatsenter command in chatgives access to special hats from our cosmetics systemALL
PremiumUC Control menu/uc menu mainenter command in chat1 command to manager everything from UCALL
PremiumUC Treasure chest accessUse the Control menu to buy keys and trigger the treasure cheststrigger by the chest button in the control menuwill spawn 4 chests with special loot that gives either money or gadget ammoALL
PremiumElytra Particles/elytraenter command in chatthis will enable elytra particlesSurvival @BCWorld
PremiumElytra Pattern creator/elytraenter command in chatthis allows you to create a pattern with multiple particles!Survival @BCWorld
turretsmembers can place 5 turrets
premium can place 10 turrets
Place a fence with a head on top does not matter which type of head.the turret will defend your area and can be upgraded with different mineralsSurvival @BCWorld
plot claiming/plot auto
/plot claim
(Premium can claim 4 plots while members can claim 1)
use command in chat
use auto to automaticly claim the nearest plot and the claim to claim the plot your standing in
this will claim a plot in creative. to build on note that redstone clocks are limited in this worldCreative @BCWorld
Securitysecurity/security [name]
or open the app
when using the command you need to enter the name of the player you wanna punish in the app its the sameThis will allow security to punish players that are breaking the rulesBCLand
VIPgiftFree gift every dayopen your phone go to the VIP App (inside park app) and click your rewardYou get a free reward every day as a vip this can be food and water aswell as free ticketsBCLand
money2 times the normal income for VIP and members gets normal incomeBe active on BCLandthis will pay you money for being active on BCLand VIP addon owners gets 2 times the normal amountBCLand
Online ticketsVIP gets discount
Member pays normal
open your phone and go to the online tickets app (Inside park app)you will get a ticket wherever you are note that it costs double the normal prize when you are member for vips its a bit cheaper!BCLand

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