Our Privacy Statement

The Bitcubes Community Hosted in Germany and Holland has to follow the Privacy statements in Order of the European LAW

Your Personal Data we Store

The Bitcubes community Stores your data when you register/login on this website That data is always given to us by you

Below this line you can see the data that’s being stored about you when you register:

– E-mail
– IP

Special or Sensitive personal information:

Our website has no intention to collect data from people with the age lower then 16 years old, unless we have given approval by their parents or guardians.
We however cannot check if the person is older then 16 years old.
We do suggest that parents or Guardians to keep a close eye on their children online life to prevent communities such as us to get personal information without the parents concent.
If you are convinced that we collect that data without concent from a minor please contact us through [email protected] we will remove the data.

With which goal we process this information

The bitcubes community uses the following goals when we process your information:

– The opportunity to create an account on our website

Automated decision making:

The Bitcubes Community takes on a automated level decisions for protection of other users.
This is when someone Spams the system may automatically remove the person from access and delete the account.

All other decisions are made by us.
If there is any problem or a Decision you are not agreeing to just contact us through [email protected]

The expiry of the personal data

The Bitcubes Community will not save your data longer then you have an account on our website We will store them in the following terms.
Account Creation > Stored until inactive for 1 year >Account completely Removed
If a User Request deletion > Account completely Removed as soon as we get the message.

Sharing Personal data with others

The Bitcubes Community Will only share your information.
If this is required by LAW and will never sell or share any data to anyone else

Cookies, or Other protocols we use

The Bitcubes Community only uses technical and functional cookies.
A cookie is a small file that with the first visit to the website is stored on your computer tabled or smartphone. the Cookies we place are only for technical and functional use.
For example to let you stay logged in on request. or when you send a form.
they are also used for proper working of the other features of the website.
If you do not wanna have any cookies you can change your browser settings to prevent us from placing those.
And if you already have the cookies you can remove them aswell in your browsers settings.

Preview , edit or Delete your data

You have the right to see your data to correct it or delete it.
Most of that can be done in your own profile page on this website.
Beside that you have the right to let us delete everything connected to your data or to object against our way of processing your data.
Beside that you have the right to ask us to transfer your data to an other website on your request.
If you wanna make use of your right of complain / Right of transferability
Or if you have any other question or problem.
Please contact us in most detail as possible to [email protected]
To make sure its you you can only send us that email with the email from the account that’s registered here. and have not changed in the last week.
This is done to protect your privacy and prevent your account from being altered accessed or stolen by someone else then you.
The bitcubes community shall respond as quickly as possible.
with a maximum term of 4 weeks.
The bitcubes Community will also point you that you have the possibility to send a complain to the national overseer for personal data of your country.

How we protect your information and data

The Bitcubes Community has security and protection on the first place. we will do everything in our power to prevent any data loss as well as unapproved access to your data. if you think we do not protect your data good enough please contact us through [email protected]

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