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The Traveling salesman has arrived!

Hey you. hmmmm I have arrived with some nice goods to trade. hmmmm are you interested? find me in the community dome. hmmmm I only stay for 1 day then i will move to the next city. hmmmm be quick hmmmm

Maintenance update completed!

Hi there! sorry for the offline time but the server is now back online to be played on again! the bitcubes network has installed a special microserver that will count as fallback in case of a Restart or Maintenance. All players will then automaticly be moved back to the server thats restarting once the server is fully restarted. This due to the fact many players are spamm connecting when the serve...[Read More]

The last meeting and removal of /home and the new bitcubes contest starting tomorrow!

Hey Bitcubers as requested is here the conclusion for many questions that have been asked to me and problems that i found: There where 2 Staff apply’s 1 is approved and 1 is declined so make our new admin feel welcome if you see him! (its a surprise who it is!) There was a question for extra items for the BC Premium Module factory its approved and in the works 🙂 There was a question  about i...[Read More]

Server updated! (1.12.2)

Hey people the server is updated see the changes below : UPDATED many plugins such as trading protection and YTBridges ADDED Statue builder for Premium (see rank information or ask mmuziek for more info) UPGRADED server to 1.12.2 (USE THIS TO JOIN!)

Server update!

We are quickly updating the server to 1.12.2 after this update everything is in BETA So please standby!

Important Note!

Hey bitcubers! I just notice the new 1.12.2 is rolling out for minecraft java edition. Do note that bitcubes is not updating to that version yet because of the low support for it. So if you wanna join bitcubes join using 1.12.1

Updates and more!

Hey bitcubers! a lot happined since the last news post. first off i wanna tell ya all that i was moving between homes in real life. the second thing is that bitcubes summer sale has ended it was an awesome event! the better news is that the prices as they are now will stay this way until the new ingame donation store is done. the new ingame donation store will only support paypal and will be fully...[Read More]

Maintenance Completed! 15:49 – 20-08-2017

The upgrades have been completed we are now back online. please note the following changes: Our drop party system has been removed due to crashing. The server runs more smooth and the latest security leaks have been filled. Please if you found any bug or something that doesnt work right report it directly to mmuziek or killswitch ingame or on our telegram chat or on our teamspeak! Links are on the...[Read More]

Maintenance 20-08-2017

Hey there bitcubers im updating all plugins and server version to the latest version. Please note it will be in beta stage when its online until everything is tested. NOTE YOU WILL NEED 1.12.1 TO JOIN!

Server upgrades

hey people im working on a massive amount of plugin updates aswell as a new game. downtime will be around 10 minutes and after that about 30 minutes beta access

Grande Updates! Bitcubes

Hey bitcubes here is a list of the changes since last news post: First off the money gaining from mobs has been removed and replaced with the new BC Jobs system (see next article) Many Premium functions has been added to the system The bitcubes assistant version 1 is now active Soon Wormholes will be used for warping and moving between servers. New shopping area is gonna be added soon as well as n...[Read More]

[BCWorld][BCProxy][BCLand] Maintenance for 1 hour

The BCWorld server is gonna have some new plugins The BCLand server has some updates The BCProxy has a new plugin too all total downtime maybe max 1 hour for everything to be stable again. EDIT it takes a bit longer due to configurating a big plugin please standby!

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