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New Bitcubes intro released!

Hey everyone the new bitcubes into is released. I also included the history of bitcubes in the first part of the video. or click the following to see the intro directly:

We are back in action!

Hello there bitcubers! Im here with another update! so lets start! first off is that the server was down today for about 1 hour The reason where a load of updates to put in place. The core has been updated aswell as many plugins so we are testing them to make sure they work If some plugin broke and we did not detect it tell us that and we can fix it! Note that abusing glitches is against the rules...[Read More]

Some updates!

Well we all know everything….. or do you? so lets sum up this updates: MCGSpace Coming back! Turrets fixed Magic carpet now usable banner maker now useable all servers active and online again. Soon quickports in the lobby well lets start shall we! first off MCGSpace is coming back. i will work on the park manager until its stable and released. then i will install mcgspace and make some more ...[Read More]


Hey dear! Are you already playing on our awesome survival world? We have got Turrets, Friendly players and fun! See you soon!

Great news!

Well i have some great news! we have recovered from the attack! We lost all plugins and files but the configurations of the plugins where intact. So i worked very hard to download all plugins again…. and it works! the world is fine but we are still trying to find the latest stuff that might be wrong? so tomorrow we will reopen all servers back to what they where before. (even something extra...[Read More]

The Bitcubes 6 years birthday contest! The Murder Mystery!

Hey bitcubers! i have some news! Because bitcubes is becoming 6 years on may 31 2017. Bitcubes is doing another giveaway and its the biggest one yet! We are giving away a total of 6 Prizes. For 6 different winners! with as head prize 3 months Premium! All you have to do is joining the BCLand server! Walk through the entrance and take a look on your left on the opposite side of the bank. Good luck ...[Read More]

Updates ! The Bitcubes Community?

Well here we are again! With another big news article. Its strange but i do get some questions from random people into my pm account on spigot or through email what is the bitcubes community? well to be short its a friendly community that has its own server network. We do not have a mega sized list of rules or requirements we only have fun and respect for each other. so everyone no matter the gend...[Read More]

The latest news!

Hey bitcubers! Im here with a lot of news so lets get started! First off are the changes to BCLand BCLand is growing and many attractions we had (4 of them) did not meet the qualification we want. thats why they where removed last week and are now being rebuild. This means that MCGSpace simulation is removed will be replaced by an other attraction The Love Boats is also removed will be replaced la...[Read More]

Bitcubes back online and more!

Hey bitcubers! All services are back in action! So everyone can relax and chill and play on the servers again! Whats also new is the bitcubes vault if you have special keys you can open the vaults and get rewarded! There are even some eastereggs to find there.. to get to the vault walk the central hallway in the lobby there will be a purpur door enter it and take the elevator up! Seeya all soon th...[Read More]

Oops that went wrong? :s

well its bad timing… The Global Server is down. that server host our proxy and BCLand server aswell as our teamspeak. We are doing our best to get things back up as fast as possible and we are gonna take a look what happened to make sure it will not happen again! As a compromise for the downtime i give all members a Coupon to get a free Coal Tier Key for the new bitcubes vault! Please Note a...[Read More]

Bitcubes updates!

Well here we are again bitcubers with a nice big updatelist! first off the park online cms is almost done today or tomorrow the test phase will begin on the BCLand server. Due to this it can be possible that the BCLand server will be restarted multiple times. Of course i try to check if someone is online before i just do it and most of the time im online too! Next is the general updates! Today im ...[Read More]

New Donation Store and more Updates!

Hello! Bitcubers! We have a full list of changes and improvements! to start this news item off! we have a new donation store that is integrated on our own website! What this means is that you now can donate and such on our own platform! This decision is made because MM where we had our donation store before is completely broken possibly during their upgrade to their new beta panel. But we have muc...[Read More]

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