Fighting against COVID-19 < Corona Virus

 Special Announcements
  • BC Gaming brand new website design now live!
  • BC Gaming Minecraft division being remade!

Bitcubes knows that everyone is currently having very stressfull times due to the Corona virus also known as COVID 19
Due to this reason and because we also wanna help we wanna support the researchers who are working on a Vaccine.

To do this Bitcubes has its own team at the [email protected] network Do u wanna help us too?
You can help by providing your Computer power (CPU GPU) to let researchers calculate and research things faster.
In order to help with us the following instructions will help you:

  1. Download the Folding at home App :
  2. Install the app
  3. enter your username the teamnumber is : 245507 and if u want you can generate a password
  4. your done simply start it up and it will automatically work in the background and not hinder your pc usage.

This system will not hinder or slow your pc. you can even change it so it only does its job when ur idle.
Thank all of you who wanna fight COVID 19 and hopefully we get a vaccine soon!

Greetings the bitcubes team