Special Announcements
  • BC Gaming brand new website design now live!
  • BC Gaming Minecraft division being remade!

Well hello bitcubers!
im here with a overal and global news article 🙂

First off lets start with Rust:
Rust was a bit empty and instable we do our runs but its not our main vision at the moment and try to focus on the more popular games we can host for you guys to play on with us.
Due to this if there is any game u would like us to host and play on thats about survival / building / exploration (combo) then send us the game name on our discord network (link in the website footer)

For MC i have good and bad news:
The good news we now support the BEDROCK edition of mc to join us! more info on that in the latest BC Minecraft newspost here: https://bitcubes.eu/bitcubes-mc-gone-hybrid/
The bad news due to a flaw on our game panel i cannot update the plugins/servers every day the dev and i are working around the clock to fix this however it can take some time to find the bug that is hiding under the bed.
But once that releases and the bug squashed there are some new features coming up!
We are also pre ready for 1.16 so if it comes it should be up2date in a matter of a week or 2 instead of a month 🙂
the only thing that gets reset on the 1.16 update is the nether of course the normal world stays as it is however new blocks will be added for sale at the spawn area.

For discord:
MCGSoftware our flag above BC has its own discord fully there now. so notifications and questions regarding products will not happen on the BC Discord anymore (at least no support is there).

The discord has some newly added chat channels for different games. if u chat about a game and someone is annoyed or hinders from it please talk further in the right channel for it you can even go to voice for that game to prevent any more annoyance from other users.

a new youtube series has started ENDZONE – – follow me as i play a game all about radiation and surviving in it in a apocaliptic world full of radiation scrap and …. more radiation! a new episode every 2th day !

Another new youtube series will start later this day Hydroneer!
This is a series coming every day to our youtube channel.
Which is all about digging dirt getting gold and melting the jewelery. then with the money u get from selling stuff build your dream house plot factory whatever you like!

So a lot to watch and play !
See you all in the next one good luck!