New improvements

author image by mmuziek | 0 Comments | 10 July 2021

The stability of the BC MC 1.17.1 server is getting better.
more and more bugs are fixed along the way.

Currently today the following noticeable changes have been made.
The billboards are all fixed and working again.
The vehicleshop now sells all verhicles using a interactive Board.
The Anvil rank and up now also have access to brooms.
The Conduit rank and up also have SportsBikes now.
The new Mechas are added for the Dragon rank.
Many plugins are updated.

there is just 1 thing.
The spawn after a restart may or may not contain itemframes and maps on the ground.
DO NOT PICK THEM UP! if u do trow them away directly. these are from a MC BUG if u use them u might crash ur client beside that it also ruins the game for everyone else. due to lag issues.
they despawn afte 3 minutes.

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