The Bitcubes Minecraft Division

Welcome to the Minecraft Division!

This is where Bitcubes started and where its grown out of.
Minecraft is a game which hands everything to you.
Build explore fight do whatever you like in our Open Deluxe Worlds.
Or play our Minigames in party mode at our laboratory!

We have it all and we still improve.
We have beside that Special features for the players to use ingame.
These are so called plugins and are always active to use.
Note the list is outdated and needs some work.

What makes us unique?

Checkout our server intro!

BC Laboratory's Party Games

Special Hoppers and Furnaces for more Fun!

Online Worldmap see where you are!

Anti Grief. dont let others destroy whats yours!

A unique Realistic and beautifull Worlds

Wanna try luck? try BC Lucky Blocks!

Our own Custom BC Menu and Options

Anti Hack and advanced security measures for all ages!

Still not Convinced? watch our server intro or join us!

Custom XP and other Liquids Tanks

Harder mobs depending on your skill and equipment

PVP/PVE Combined only pvp in the wilderniss!

A unique Bitsky world where water and air meets in between

Make the experience even better with Bitcubes Premium

  • Member
  • FREE / year
  • Creative Gamemode *
  • 2 Plots*
  • -
  • Survival Gamemode
  • Many Commands (click)
  • Lucky Block Crafting
  • Normal Item Repair on Anvil
  • Normal upgradeable Hoppers / Furnaces
  • Normal Lobby Access
  • 30 Slots Item Bank
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Minigames
  • Single Rewards*
  • Cosmetics
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Automaticly Given
  • Premium (Member + The Following)
  • From €6.00 /Month (up to Permanent)
  • Creative Gamemode *
  • 4 Plots*
  • Plot merging*
  • Survival Gamemode
  • Many Extra Commands (click)
  • free luckyblocks during mining
  • special XP / Eco / Item Repairing
  • Filter options and sync/teleport for hoppers/furnaces
  • Premium Lobby Access
  • 60 Slots Item Bank
  • Allows storing XP
  • 60 Level XP Bank
  • open bank anywhere!
  • Minigames
  • Double Rewards*
  • Cosmetics
  • Arrow Particles including GUI
  • Elytra Particles Including GUI
  • Walking Trails*
  • Furniture Crafting
  • Sell access to the BC Marketplace
  • On demand Crafting
  • Upgrade to Premium

* Some features will come back later due to support for 1.13

BC Support