The all in one Minecraft server

Bitcubes on minecraft is a server network that has many populair gamemodes and features build in.
The servers are currently for the latest release of minecraft
We are working on backwards compat.

  • Vanilla , Semi Vanilla and aquatic survival
  • Creative Gamemode
  • Player owned worlds
    for friends play
    (like realms)
  • Many minigames / Story

1.8+ compat update

Special for all those minecrafters we now support all versions from 1.8 to 1.13.2
How? well we change things older versions do not have but we notify them what it is instead.
for example Concrete looks like bricks on 1.8 but if i hold it i can see its white concrete in the lore.
All functionality such as double chests are there aswell but chests show as Enderchests.

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Aquatic Hard survival

Wanna see the survival world first?

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