Minecraft Update Claims change

author image by mmuziek | 0 Comments | 3 August 2019

Heya all.
For a long time people are complaining that with every MC update the protection goes down.
To counteract that we updated as soon as we can but the plugin we use is easy but not that up2date.
For that reason i started searching for the best replacement.
And it has finally been found

The new claim plugin works with chunks instead of free claiming.
This claims the whole chunk and not a normal custom size.

For the claiming with the new plugin you go to the center of your claim and do c claim
after that make a chest in that claim and make the recipe in the chest same as the recipe you get from c recipe
The chest transforms into a control system now you only need to fill it with minerals diamond iron gold and emerald are supported aswell as the currency it adds to the time the claim stays protected. once it runs out you have 1 hour to refill it or the claim protection removes itself and ur buildings can be broken. or stolen from.
Once the timer runs out we will not refund any stolen items.
If you go on a vacation make sure its filled. or paid enough.
1 ingame coin is worth 1 minute protection

Good luck!

PS. premium players can toggle mobs and other special claim features! get premium ingame using the donate command

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