Minecraft on HOLD until further notice

author image by mmuziek | 0 Comments | 29 January 2020

Due to the recent events.
And the weight of the Financial stuff around the Bitcubes MC Network.
I have to put everything on hold.

Today i got note that someone was not happy that his/her Rank was expired.
Instead of talking and agreeing with a coupon for a free product worth more then he/she paid for he has gone to his lawyer.
Because of that and all the complains about different stuff (mostly i cannot fix) and the above reason about the financial stuff its to heavy for just me to handle.
I helped many people all day day in and day out but the last few months it happined multiple times that my trust in others was destroyed. due to abuse of my help, the contant complains instead of compliments the negativity and everything around it.

My mental state is going down to prevent any more negative events i have shut down the server until i find a solution. or the rest that i need.

Sorry for all Those with premium that expires. please pm me with the purchase date i will note it down and when the server and if the server comes back i give them the remaining days back.

Thanks for those who did support me.
And thanks especially strfighter81 for the great support he has been. all the time.

Thanks again. and i will report if i have something new.

Greetings Mmuziek

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