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pretty stable!

Website and server are still being worked on and pretty stable. report bugs and expect features missing


Welcome to Bitcubes Rules page
Click on the tabs above to see the different sections of the rules.

If u find anyone breaking any of the rules u can always report them at the staff.
If its about the staff please email to [email protected]

Useful links:

General Server Rules:
These count everywhere!
  1. No hate Insulting or other bad language
  2. No 18+ or sexual content outside NSFW Channels and NEVER on the game servers
  3. No Linking to other minecraft networks or servers
  4. No Advertising in any form of way for any product or service or gameserver
  5. No illigal activities or promoting illigal activities
  6. Be respectfull everyone is a human everyone can make mistakes but use your head!
  7. The staffs word is final if u do not agree with a staffs action or responce please email to [email protected] for direct contact with the owner.
  8. If your BANNED then ur banned from the entire network > Discord website and MC servers, if u wanna appeal email to [email protected] with ur appeal request. 
Discord Specific rules:
  1. All general  rules apply on discord.
  2. Do not ever send personal information to anyone you do not know personally.
  3. Do not click any link u might distrust! never go into free keys or free nitro links