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pretty stable!

Website and server are still being worked on and pretty stable. report bugs and expect features missing

The progress so far
Started by mmuziek



28 Oct 2021
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18 Mar 2022

Hello bitcubers!

Let me sum up the past few days!

We have a brand new lobby (still being worked on) with the portals to creative games survival and more.
it contains a Vehicle store atm and the bank.
And a nice instruction board.
Also the reward crates are back and the daily weekly and monthly reward can be gotten in the hub aswell.
there is now also a premium crate as a bonus reward for premium players.

Survival is left blanc this means not a fancy spawn there but just a simple platform to start off.
since shopping and that stuff is now done in the hub there is no need to load survival more then it needs to.
Creative is still being made same for the games server so those 2 are coming soon!

A little secret the hub contains a Event Hall but its completely hidden until there is a event! how would u like that !
and a event is being worked on as we speak so celebrate the bitcubes upgrade!

If you didnt know your website account and discord account should both be linked if u want the same features and functionality to the max use /register ingame or click register on this website!
it shows ur stats on ur profile and allows to report players aswell as getting help access to these forums and more!

mmuziek · 11 months ago