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pretty stable!

Website and server are still being worked on and pretty stable. report bugs and expect features missing

Major Improvements
7 months ago

Well its time for another massive rework.

I have done a lot of work the last couple of hours on the servers.
Here is a list of changes summerized:

  • Updated HUB to 1.18.1
  • Updated Proxy to 1.18.1
  • Updated Creative to 1.18.1
  • Updated Games to 1.18.1
  • Updated Survival to 1.18.1
  • Updated 27 Plugins on Hub Fixing 9 issues.
  • Updated 4 Plugins on Proxy Fixing 1 issue.
  • Updated 52 Plugins on Survival Fixing 17 Issues.
  • Updated 17 Plugins on Games Fixing 3 issues.
  • Updated 4 Plugins on Creative Fixing 5 Issues.
  • Updated and Upgraded the DonationStore they can now work from both survival and the Hub.
  • Website...
Todays update report
9 months ago

Well im finalizing the hub and some features.
here is a list of updates for today :

  • /bitcubes menu reenabled
  • /bitcubes premium menu updated with new cobble handler (cobbledestroyed (now supports deepslate cobble and simply doesnt pick it up instead of destroying))
  • cobbledestroyed now is instandly switched without reconnect.
  • Cobblestone netherrack and deepslatecobble is now despawned after 15 seconds instead of 5 minutes.
  • Added Copper block factory to  the premium factory
  • Added raw variants block factory's to the premium factory
  • Added Player PC in the hub players can buy turrets and ammo there. Aswell as put stuff on the player market and visit the pla...
Another update!
9 months ago

here is a list of the latest changes:

  • Added entrance to GameModes (closed)
  • Added entrance to creative (closed)
  • first steps toward hub shop (bug needs fixing)
  • Added back transport pipes (recipes are in your inv)
  • automatic farms are re-added purchase them at the survival spawn.
  • Turrets are re-added (new version) buyable at the hub soon.
  • Soon u can sell music disks and nametags and more in the hub
  • the bank has been fixed past week. it was seperated from survival now they are both in sync for the premium users.
  • the chat prefix/suffix are re-added the chat looks good now.
  • notifier for ores has been re-added to survival it shows amounts ...
The progress so far
9 months ago

Hello bitcubers!

Let me sum up the past few days!

We have a brand new lobby (still being worked on) with the portals to creative games survival and more.
it contains a Vehicle store atm and the bank.
And a nice instruction board.
Also the reward crates are back and the daily weekly and monthly reward can be gotten in the hub aswell.
there is now also a premium crate as a bonus reward for premium players.

Survival is left blanc this means not a fancy spawn there but just a simple platform to start off.
since shopping and that stuff is now done in the hub there is no need to load survival more then it needs to.
Creative is still being made same for the games server so those 2 a...

Welcome to bitcubes!
10 months ago

Well its about time! the old website was broken many times unreachable and slow....
The gameserver was awesome but also slow.
bitcubes is renovating and it starts with this awesome new website fully intergrated with the Discord and game server!

We now also have a forum where u can make posts and reply to others and statistics information voting and more!