Claims and protection

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In survival we allow you to protect your buildings and items
By a chunk basis you can claim pieces of land for your own.

How do u use it?

The claims work as follows
/c claim < claims a chunk and claims more chunks if a powercore is present.
Since you need a power core this is how you get one:
Claim 1 chunk (first chunk using /c claim) then in that chunk place a single chest.
now do /c recipe this will show how you need to fill your chest.
if you fill your chest like that it transforms into the core.
From then u need to keep it filled with minerals to gain more claim time.
you can claim up to 50 chunks total however abuse is forbidden.
only claim what you need!
if the claim expires the claim dissapears and your builds are then unprotected.

Rank requirements?

Everyone can claim their ground