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So its been a while since my last update announcement!
Well lets be short about it!

The world has gone a overhaul and is now UNLIMITED in size beside that the world looks amazing using a custom world generator. almost all blocks can be found and the once that you cannot find can be purchased in the server market or collected using either composters or skill level.

Talking about skill level we now run MCMMO which allows you to level up all abilities making you not only better at it but also give some small boosts.
MCMMO is for everyone no exceptions!

The BC Premium system has gotten a overhaul too!
The monthly premium package has been replaced with 5 one time packages.
The old premium rank is worth the beacon rank so if you had premium please contact me to get it to beacon.

We also added a lot of new features to the ranks!
Such as :
increased limits beyond the old premium.
New Automatic tool system (tool assist) with refill in higher tiers. (refills from inventory the tool)
New vehicles to buy.
and more! visit our premium page for a full overview here :

Now on to the nasty stuff.
The server had some minor issues with mobs spawning stuck in the ground.
Today i fixed it again 😀
The MCG Starcraft plugin is fully active and up2date so if you wanna travel to mars now u can!

We have a brand new worldmap if u didnt notice it
For a full 3D map of the world yes a real 3D map!

and another small note the website has a new theme aswell

Thats it for now seeya soon!

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