Special Announcements
  • BC Gaming brand new website design now live!
  • BC Gaming Minecraft division being remade!

After a lot of trouble crashes and restarts i can finally say its all stable now!
About a week ago our control panel failed us. crashed and it was impossible to recover it our server had some updates and the control panel simply did not like that. so he gave the ghost.
Since then i started working all day long to get a new panel up which was finally installed but still broken that day.
That new panel was fixable so i was working on changes into the OS itself to make it work and i finally found the issue biting the new panel and fixed it.
After thats done i could bring over our server and just after midnight that day it was transferred!
i started the worldgenerator again to create the world to its current size. 6000 to be exact. and it did do its job.
The next day the gen was almost done so i started our onlinemap update system to show the new chuncks.
That took long and was really laggy. but after like 10 crashes and restarts its all generated and smooth.
However there was one thing remaining the crash every 15 minutes for players themselves and many broken plugins……… pfff…

The plugins itself where fixed pretty easy but there was a lot to fix so after all this time i think i squashed all bugs!
For the crashes i managed to lower it by using packet tracing and slowing down those packages moving to the player.
Minecraft supports a delay of most 30 seconds before it times out. so i tried making it less often because this is a issue i cannot find nor fix. the connection losses are server wide so we cannot even access our panel or other services when that 10 seconds outage occuers however after calling the datacenter its lowered to mabe once a hour or so. i managed to play for about 4 hours without a disconnect.so i think the chances are very low it occuers.

But now for all fixes and changes hold on your chair there are a lot:

Updated 587 Modules from my System to make the panel work
Removed old panel
Backed up our entire minecraft network.
Installed new panel
Manually uploaded all files per set of 20 files. thats about 5000 if not more sessions
updated more then 80 plugins since server was back up.
Extended the world from 1500 to 6000 blocks thats 12000 from top to bottom
Generated nether a bit further
Replaced old world the end for a new one.
Generated worldmap for the survival world
Generated worldmap for all skybase worlds
Generated worldmap for the nether
Generated worldmap for the end
Fixed Creative workd and reenabled the shuttle
Added Skybase gamemode (skyblock alternative)
Repaired and reclaimed the lobby and survival spawns.
Made Removed the Maze event (result below)
Made A party Drop Square for dropparties
Fixed the Pet shop for baby pets
Fixed the pet shop for all other pets
Fixed pet storage and added limit back to 2 and 8
Fixed the space walk minigame in the spawn area bridge floor
Fixed the Vending machines
Added new sales system for selling itmes
Fixed defense turrets limit to 2 and 4
Added new Gamemode Opens soon
Added New Gate system opens soon
Started the tunneling project open for helpers
Created new paths
Working on new GPS routes
Fixed plot system in creative world.
Added new rewards to space walk game
Fixed Minigames Lobby
Added new Hide and seek minigame to the minigames lobby
Fixed the casino system
Removed the broken quests system please let us know if u want it back or not
Added Unique hoppers system
readded village defense game in the minigames lobby
Added new Market Districs based on the new claim system people may claim a empty plot and make their shop there!
Fixed moderator permissions
Remade the database for storage now locally for improved speed.
Promoted strfighter81 to ELITE ADmin
Added Rank particles using ratoggle RAPname Possible are: donator,admin,elite note donator are only for premium and admin and elite are only for admins so this is a premium based plugin

Thats it for the update list there is a lot more but i cannot remember everything

Now for the winner of the August video maze event its ….. drums ticking …..
KillswitchNL! congrats! u won 1 month premium!

And now for the promotion!
Strfighter81 has just been promoted to ELITE Admin!
strfighter81 joined a long time ago and i saw a staff function in him right away.
He has a clear view for whats right even when his english is not the best on earth he still manage to turn every bad situation around. very well done.
Hes longer then i can think of staff now so i think its time for a reward for his many ?deadly? testing skills and his many hours watching over everyone on the server. he helped a lot with building to improving the server communicating with the members and testing out plugins even when he die’s of it.
So hereby strfighter81 Ur now officially promoted to Elite admin
What does elite admin means it means u get a special particle color yeeeey! eghm no thats joking its not a visible rank with exception of the blue particles it also allows for management of the server in a much larger way full access to the game control panel aswell as all moderation command access now eligible for banning permanently aswell as rolling back changes and griefs and more.
Basically a overpowered admin function just a thin line below owner rank. Good job!

Now for the new gamemode. its gonna be a Mob arena! yes ! yeey! a game where u can play alone or with ur friends and try to win some neat prizes including item and money rewards its also fun to do.
It will work out of the hall of heroes where there are rooms for arena’s and hall of fame
More on that when it releases!

Well my fingers hurt of the amount of characters it typed. so im stopping now haha well anyways have fun and see you around! The bitcubes team!