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BC Main server Upgrade

Hello bitcubers.Today is a special day. but sadly due to this the MC and Factorio network are both offline.This day we upgrade our Server to a new high standard.We increase the CPU cores with 2 brand new ones and upgrade the CPU to a faster one.We increase the RAM with 6 Gigs and go from DDR3 to 4We increase our SSD from 200 GB to 800GB with a brand new flushed cache.So overall the server gets a MAJOR performanceBoost.The estimated downtime will be about 12 hours to a day.Do not hold me on that as the provider needs to move…

by mmuziek
9 April 2020

BC Connect Out now!

We have a BIG announcement!in the year 2018 a app named BC Connect was made. it looked crappy but it did what it needed to the year 2019 januari to be exact the updates stopped due to my software not meeting Google requirements.Now in 2020 i got new software that meets those requirements and more :I restarted the entire app from scratch it entirely new looks new menus new features and it looks so much better !Since many features we had back then are changed replaced or removed the app is newly made.Instead of the old link to…

by mmuziek
31 March 2020

BC MC is back online

Hello Bitcubers!Bitcubes Minecraft servers are back online!The following changes are made and some are still work in progress: 184 Quests addedNew Main worldRegenerated Nether and End5 New Space worlds added (reachable using the Rocket See Guidebook)MobArena - WIPNot 1 but 2 Difficulties Parkour challengesUpdated and fixed the ScoreboardsNew Pet store for buying Tropical Fish / Cats / Wolfs(dogs) / ParrotsNew VehicleStore for buying Vehicles.New Rent a shop where you can rent a space on the main road for a physical shop.New Market System where you can buy/sell items using a local or web interfaceFixed hide and seek minigame and readded…

by mmuziek
28 March 2020

Fighting against COVID-19 < Corona Virus

Bitcubes knows that everyone is currently having very stressfull times due to the Corona virus also known as COVID 19Due to this reason and because we also wanna help we wanna support the researchers who are working on a Vaccine.To do this Bitcubes has its own team at the [email protected] network Do u wanna help us too?You can help by providing your Computer power (CPU GPU) to let researchers calculate and research things faster.In order to help with us the following instructions will help you: Download the Folding at home App : Install the appenter your username the teamnumber…

by mmuziek
20 March 2020

More information regarding the MC World update

Some questions where asked about the update and i also wanted to give more info about the upcoming wipe.First let me answer some common questions:Are we losing everything?:Yes and no please store any block item money or XP into the BANK located in the lobby.Are the nether and end worlds being reset?:YesDo i get my claim limit back?Yes as your current claim is removed on restart you get all limits back.Can i take my automatic farms with me?:Yes simply break them and put them in the bank.Can i take my level * furnace with me?Yes possibly. there is a chance…

by mmuziek
17 March 2020

BC Minecraft – BC World

Welcome back bitcubers.This is a very important news item so read it carefully!I mmuziek was looking at the playerbase and saw a increasing line thats very great!However many people complain about the hard to locate lobby locations like shops and games The amount of shops features items and easyness to sell stuff is a point of trouble. Beside that currently some games are broken some features are not fully working and teleporting from a to b is a trouble.For example people wanted to get something they now need to go to a different world (lobby world) to get it.This is…

by mmuziek
14 March 2020

End of Maze Event

The end is there!The contest is over! and did we have a adventurer that found the exit a real maze runner?YES! Just 1 player from the 8 that tried found the exit and send in the required proof!The player that won? Trustingscar!Trustingscar can claim his/her Reward by contacting mmuziek The reward can be claimed til 3/4/2020 after that the reward is gone.Thanks for the attempts and for the attention Til the next BC EVENT!

by mmuziek
5 March 2020

Discord Updated!

Hey folks!Today was a very big day! We updated our entire Discord server!All roles have been reordered. and many roles have been removed.Moderator was not used and is removedAll premium admins now show as admin and also contain premium.Old bot channels have been removed.Music bot and channel removed.Many game channels removed and put into one channel for each game.Channel icons!AFK moved to top of discordWelcome channel top on discord.Added new games to the game channelsAdded new update notifications for Satisfactory and AstroneerRenamed some channels to fit the sidebar.

by mmuziek
23 February 2020

BC Minecraft and network changes

Hello bitcubers. The events of the last month have made many things clear to me.due to these events the rules have been sharpened and enlarged you can read them here: these rules are active from the release of this post and onward. For the minecraft division The server will be secured even more. and the moderation / rule enforcing actions are also sharpened and improved on the server aswell.Until this is done the server remains offline/maintenance once the access is restored everyone can join again but if they do they follow the new rules. For any questions regarding the…

by mmuziek
30 January 2020

Minecraft on HOLD until further notice

Due to the recent events.And the weight of the Financial stuff around the Bitcubes MC Network.I have to put everything on hold.Today i got note that someone was not happy that his/her Rank was expired.Instead of talking and agreeing with a coupon for a free product worth more then he/she paid for he has gone to his lawyer.Because of that and all the complains about different stuff (mostly i cannot fix) and the above reason about the financial stuff its to heavy for just me to handle.I helped many people all day day in and day out but the last…

by mmuziek
29 January 2020
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