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End of Maze Event

The end is there!The contest is over! and did we have a adventurer that found the exit a real maze runner?YES! Just 1 player from the 8 that tried found the exit and send in the required proof!The player that won? Trustingscar!Trustingscar can claim his/her Reward by contacting mmuziek The reward can be claimed til 3/4/2020 after that the reward is gone.Thanks for the attempts and for the attention Til the next BC EVENT!

by mmuziek
5 March 2020


Hey just as a reminder!The BC Maze event is coming to its end.If you still wanna win get to the end of the maze and follow instructions.You can do this til end of this month then the event gates will close! Good luck!

by mmuziek
26 February 2020

New BC Event – Maze Event 2.0

Well those who know bitcubes know the events and challenges!This time the new Maze event is here 1 Big maze just 1 floorNo hunger No healthloss and no mobs.just 1 maze to find the exit off. and win the amazing the specialHoly key! for a claim at the Godly Crate!Simply find the end and take a screenshot like instructed!To get into this event simply walk to the event centre in the spawn/spawn > portal left back of the spawnpointthen walk through the 2th portal and ur there!GOOD LUCK!

by mmuziek
11 February 2020

Diamonds on the hill!

After a lot of trouble crashes and restarts i can finally say its all stable now!About a week ago our control panel failed us. crashed and it was impossible to recover it our server had some updates and the control panel simply did not like that. so he gave the ghost.Since then i started working all day long to get a new panel up which was finally installed but still broken that day.That new panel was fixable so i was working on changes into the OS itself to make it work and i finally found the issue biting the new…

by mmuziek
2 September 2019
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