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BC Minecraft Updated! 1.14.4

Its time the 1.14.4 udpate has been installed but sadly not without temp losses.Currently the following BC Features are down and will return soon when they are stable:PetsNPC'sQuesting (limited)Worldmap with informationDefense Turrets Premium featureWe are doing our best to solve this matter and get those plugins back as soon as possible.Thanks in advance and have fun!

by mmuziek
20 July 2019

BC Minecraft Being Remade

Attention Bitcubers! From May 1th 2019 The MC Division is currently in a Offline state. this is due to the migration from 1.13.2 to 1.14 We are reworking everything and working around the clock to get it all back online. Some changes are about to happen in that 1.14.2 version Changes: Bitcubes will follow a new storyline that you are one of the players in. There will be some big features. such as Everything in a single theme - Questing - New Money system(Virtual) - And later on Space Exploring! However many of our Core plugin need updating which concludes…

by mmuziek
1 May 2019

Bitcubes site now live!

Hey bitcubers!The Bitcubes Website has been updated any future news and updates aswell as maintenance messages and announcements events and more will be posted on here.Same counts for any special events that are already running.The posts here will send a notification to our discord server for more  easy notifications of updates so go to the bitcubes discord to follow the notifications link.Thanks, the bitcubes team!

by mmuziek
24 April 2019

Welcome back Bitcubers!

Well well well took some time but we have got  a brand new website online.Sorry for some styling mistakes but we are working very hard to make it dynamic and supportive to the community!Find your info online when you need it! quick and easy!

by mmuziek
4 April 2019
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