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1.17 update

Heya bitcubers today the server is back open on 1.17 this means u need minecraft 1.17 to join.Beside that the server is missing a lot of features until they are fixed for 1.17.I hope these fixes will come fast but most important stuff is working.the worldborder has been doubled to a 4000 range instead of 2000. happy exploring :DReport any bugs and problems u might find so we can fix themGood luck the bitcubes team!

by mmuziek
22 June 2021

BC Main server Upgrade

Hello bitcubers.Today is a special day. but sadly due to this the MC and Factorio network are both offline.This day we upgrade our Server to a new high standard.We increase the CPU cores with 2 brand new ones and upgrade the CPU to a faster one.We increase the RAM with 6 Gigs and go from DDR3 to 4We increase our SSD from 200 GB to 800GB with a brand new flushed cache.So overall the server gets a MAJOR performanceBoost.The estimated downtime will be about 12 hours to a day.Do not hold me on that as the provider needs to move…

by mmuziek
9 April 2020

BC MC Upgrade in progress

Hello bitcubers the server is Inaccessable for the upgrade duration the following things will be changed and upgraded:Lobby relocate to survival.Better new City Based Lobby.Mobarena will come back.New Shop grounds that can be purchased to get a shop at central location.Pet shops will be added allowing to buy most pets and animals.The new world will be a 1000 to 1 replica of the real world. including almost all biomes!for those biomes that do not exist there will be a tropical shop to purchase related blocks and such>The nether and end will also be will be removed from everyone so…

by mmuziek
20 March 2020

BC Maintenance Update 21-2-2020

Sooo some time has passed and i started updating everything and fixing reported bugs again.The results below are what has been updated/fixed last month and today!:FIXED BCPack in lobby not staying in all worldsFIXED BCPack being removed when leaving.FIXED Entrance to event lobbyFIXED elevator getting stuck and not responding (was a config bug)Updated FurnacesUpdated ElevatorsUpdated Foods and Enchantment pluginsUpdated Server coreUpdated Network CoreUpdated Reporting toolUpdated parkour (still need to fix the leaderboards.)Updated our VPN and Mod detectionUpdated our questing tools. ADDED Nice explosion animations (note if this bugs out for you let me know)

by mmuziek
21 February 2020

The 1.15 update Maintenance

The poll is now closed however you can watch the result.There will be a new world. in 1.15.1 and we are working on porting everything to the new version.the server will be going offline / online for a hour or 2 while we work on the update.Standby for more news

by mmuziek
22 December 2019

BC Maintenance 7 11 2019 Much updates indeed!

it costs a lot of time.It needs to be done almost every day.It gets forgotten and ignored all the time Updates!Well i finally got the time to update BC Minecraft.And with result! 127 Updates have been installed including libs plugins and mc versions.Since we run on 1.4 thre is no need yet for updating as 1.15 is not out yet. the major changes are:The automatic farm is now modularDefense turrets limit increased for everyone but require ammo now.the stability is improved. less lag.and much needed bugfixes for plugins. including luckyblocks and our composters i hope you are informed enough!Any questions…

by mmuziek
7 November 2019

ALmost ready

After a very long time of fixing working fixing starting fixing ect...i finally got the backup and new panel working.its running but still needs to generate a large part of the worldmap so its busy doing that.I had changed the world to a border of 10000 but that would take by my calculations about 4 days of rendering.i now downscaled to 6000 and its over 50% done already so i hope its done soon.Later today another round of checking and will see how it ends up.Thanks for reading see you soon!

by mmuziek
23 August 2019

Server upgrade

Sadly today our server went black.After searching for the problem i found that a background update of my OS broke the panel which our servers where running on.To counteract im currently busy fixing a new panel for us so that it will run way more stable in the future.Until then the server is down for maintenance.Go give our other servers a try or join us on discord if u havent already and talk to us till its solved

by mmuziek
22 August 2019

Bitcubes maintenance Guidelines

Hey bitcubers!Some people asked my why i always restart the server when they are online.Its not that easy almost the whole day people are online and its impossible to outline it unless i go and keep myself awake to about 3 or 4 hour in the midnight that is something im not gonna do. However i do keep the following Guidelines:Full maintenance between 8 and 10 AM GMT+1 this means i may restart when needed with a announcement before.Night maintenance between 11:59 PM and 8 AM No warn restarts or locked server. That does not mean i must obey them…

by mmuziek
5 August 2019

BC MC Division Maintenance update!

All current plugins are back to their origional functionality.Beside of that we wanna improve our server a bit thats where you come in!on the following link you can vote for a new plugin or feature on our server do so and we might pick the vote you made! reward system for daily rewards have been finally upgraded to the new version and you should get a key every day of joining that you can use in the banking room green shulker box it will reward 4 random items or money mabe even more? you never know!See you then!The bitcubes…

by mmuziek
27 July 2019
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