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Yes here we are again with a massive update to the server.
its been some time since i did a update last but now i can say it was a massive one!
First the major changes:
The player shop district has been removed
A new Gamemode (Creative) has been added.
The spawn area had a redesign for the shopping district to fit the new gamemode in.
The Parkour has been remade and reconfigurated (entry now on the left)

And then all the other changes:
Updated over 49 plugins
Removed the BC Easter event and eggs from spawn
The BC Reward system is upgraded to a tiered one. (more info below)
A new Creative world has been designed and made (plots can be claimed with plot claim)
A new Protection system is in place wanna know how to protect your ground do /rp tutorial
The Shopping center (BCMart) has been altered slightly and prices may be fluctuated and balanced to income
The Premium page on the website is updated with the latest changes and additions.

Now the Reward system is now tiered.
So normally when u have keys you click the chest and get a direct reward.
Now you have a chance of 50% of losing and 50% for one of the 3 tier keys.
the keys respond to Iron Gold And Diamond tier each with way better rewards then it had before.
this makes it more Challenging but yields better and more usefull rewards.
The worth becomes bigger with the tier.
Including enchantment books shulker shells diamonds emeralds and even Ancient debris!

See you soon!
The bitcubes team

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