Bitcubes Minecraft News! Another Update

author image by mmuziek | 0 Comments | 28 January 2020

Is it news or not thats the question at every post i write.
Anyways there was a lot of trouble so last week til today i was working very hard fixing the lag spikes.
Looking at the logs the statistics the performance graphs and the Inline loggings.
After a LOT of searching the following changes to plugins have been made.
Betterdrops is removed.
Cosmetical Drops has been tried to replace but failed.
thats it!
The performance was mostly being impacted by the Bitcubes Ore Control system due to the fast exploring using teleportation vehicles and such the server had in a highest of 284 chuncks to check list and generate at the same time. this causes HUGE spikes.
Lucky that im the writer of the plugin that does it.
The change has been made to turn OFF the manual gen by loading and implementing the brand new MCG Quickloader. this loader when turned on will cycle through all chunks ever generated by minecraft and validate them and then generating them if possible.
If u wanna see how hard it was working take a look :
this is a screen shot of the generator in progress. it was at almost the end so it saw a lot of so called Empty chunks (not generated yet) which means and where we now conclude that all chunks have been updated with the BC XP Ores.

Beside this change the server has been update to 1.15.2 lately and some visible changes are findable by the players.
For once the spectator mode can no longer go through objects. so if ur watching a tower defence game you cannot leave the arena ur spectating.
Beside that the 1.15.2 also broke stuff like the BC Defender gamemode. the place event thats called contains a function that 1.15.2 removed so its causing some issues. we are working with the dev to fix it but do not expect a quick fix.
Since this is a huge plugin that needs fixing.

Then more sad news.
Our pet plugin we had before and that still has a waiting for fixes shop in the lobby is not coming back.
The plugin developer pushed about 10 updates now and non of them has fixes for the issues we encounter.
Since the plugin was having a lot of trouble it broke a lot of security boundry’s
To collect your vote here is a poll
vote what you want us to do instead of the removed Pet plugin!

And last but not least.
The bitcubes Event center has been added sometimes there are Events like challenges Drop parties and more. they will all be there and will be announced in the chat.

The restarts of the server where a bit unclear from now on the lobby contains a server restart timer that you can look at.
It shows the time left til the next restart.
Next to that the scorelist for the parkour trial is added (still needs a minor fix)

The website also had a update.
The Donation store has some great new additions so check that out!

Thats it my fingers hurt again but i will see you all either online or in the next news item

Greetings the Bitcubes Owner mmuziek

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