Bitcubes Minecraft Division Going for an upgrade

author image by mmuziek | 0 Comments | 24 April 2019

Welcome back bitcubers. the minecraft division needs a push.
thats exactly what whe are gonna do!
BC will use the MCG StarCraft plugin later on.
This plugin will replace all existing worlds aswell as existing plugins.
this will mean that all existing structures will be saved into a backup and for those who wanna get the world for single player use you can email me at info[at]

What does this new plugin do?
Bitcubes always was and is a futuristic community we like tech and space so we wanna make use of it.
The new Bitcubes MC Division will be completely based on the space exploring system.
The lobby is gonna be a big space station futuristicly and nicely build. animated and upgraded.
Then we have the main survival world which will be around 5000 blocks diagonal normal world but with some new custom resources specially for space exploring.
If you are further in the game you can start building your machines (Oxygen generator , refinery , space platform , rocket ect…) to start exploring strange new worlds. which of all include many new biomes enemy’s and resources. to make the game a bit more interesting.

this will also conclude that those who do not wanna do space exploring they will not need to collect anything and explore its up to you.
So suit up this update will come soon when the Space plugin is ready for use. (takes some time). once the upgrade to the new way starts we will notify it here with a maintenance and news post.
Seeya all the next time good luck!

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