bitcubes MC Division updates Jan – 2020

author image by mmuziek | 0 Comments | 20 January 2020

Well since there where a LOT of changes last few weeks i decided to put up another news item!

First off let me make everyone alert that we are low on funding for the BC Network. for this reason we offer new donation packages on our webstore soon to be expanded with even more.

If you do not have any donation money or cannot spend anything no worries 🙂 you can also help by sharing our server information ask your friends post on social media about us and more.

Now that thats out of the way the following changes / additions have been put into action :

Epic hoppers is gone > i have removed the plugin due to its altering of the vanilla redstone events. this caused a chainreaction breaking almost all things you can make that involves hoppers. and comparators.

New XP From redstone and XP Ore > the last week the first phase was active where there was a minor chance that you get a tiny xp ore from Redstone Ore. now thats stays active there is another new thing XP Ore a big block looking like emerald always close or next to redstone it gives 250 raw XP when you mine it and is more common then the other one but gives less xp then the other one. here is a screenshot :

New selling store > since the start everyone could sell a select amount of items to the server for a static amount of money.
While this was breaking the economy slowly it was also annoying as many items where unsellable.
The new system supports 80% off blocks/items and alters its worth based on the amount thats sold.
this way items that are very common will lower its value pretty fast.
Once in a while it goes back to origional but this is completely manual which means i have to call the signal only when i think its needed. (*like every item that can be sold is worth nothing….)

New enchanting > There are now new enchantments added which means custom enchantments that power your armor items and weapons.
You can as player always recycle them using /tinker and for premium you can merge using /blacksmith
more info can be asked from our staff. in the lobby there is a small shop where you can get the new enchantments using XP and cash.

Liquid tanks reenabled > About a week or 2 ago i re enabled the Liquid tanks you can make them by combining 7 glass a comparator and a hopper in a crafting table. (comparator midbottom hopper mid and the rest glass)

Website updated> The premium page on our website has been updated and now shows all features you get!

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