author image by mmuziek | 0 Comments | 23 March 2021

Yes its time again! for a big update!
This one is good for existing players and new players aswell as for premium members!

here we go!

First off! this week a new pack of products are added to the donations store to boost MCMMO skills.
Next the claims have some new fixes and a new feature!
For existing members (all ranks) you can now help the claimowner by adding time to their claim chest directly instead of a hopper!

for All Conduit rank and up members. you can now fly inside claim bounds. this means. if u have conduit u can fly inside enabled claims and the dragon rank can toggle fly on the claim so if ur conduit u need to be in a claim that has fly enabled to fly and dragon members can toggle it on their claims.

Next to that some Fixes have been made to the parkour at spawn. its a bit more balanced then before.

The stream utils have been reworked. this means more events and triggers then before!
Now streamers get ingame notifications about raids and hypetrains aswell!

so thats a lot to take in! there are a lot of fixes along the way so if i missed any be sure to report it!
Thanks in advance and happy bitcubing! (minecrafting!)

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