BC Network update 2020

author image by mmuziek | 0 Comments | 3 July 2020

Since about half a month we have been at work very hard to get our network to the next level.
We updated and upgraded our game servers.
Same for the webserver and are working on upgrading our donation store.
Beside that we also completely renewed and revampt the Minecraft as we announced more early.

The website is also completely rebuild from the ground up. all old page styles and features are replaced with new ones. here is a list of major changes:

  • Complete new look
  • New donation store setup (WIP)
  • Remade Minecraft and rust pages.
  • Remade all minecraft features into its own Wiki
  • Premium page remade.
  • 2 new donation tiers added
  • Speed up the website by installing additional components.

Since there are so many small changes i leave them out of this post.
However since so many things changed here is the update of the MC Server.

The new MC Server is all about a disaster.
you a player (better to say survivor) survived together with others deep underground after the sun burned the whole world.
You now came out of the ground for a new challenge of making a new life!
with unique terrain challenging features story based games and shops.
A living spawn area and more you really are placed in the middle of the story.

The MC Server should open in the next few days almost at the same time as the website does. thank you all for reading this

the bitcubes team!

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