BC Network Rules

These rules apply everywhere!

  • Be Respectfull to each other
  • English is our main communication
  • Do not share link or show any 18+ content
  • No illigal , Racism , hate , insulting content.
  • Do not swear.
  • Respect eachothers beleifs
  • Obey Admins orders (if there isa problem contact mmuziek)
  • Do not advertise any other server or network on our entire network


  • Be nice and polite we do not like those hate messages and actions
  • if you do not like someone go find an other channel there are enough channels.
  • Any 18+ content must be placed in the 18+ NSFW channel
  • Do not share any personal or private information to each other
  • In case of a problem contact any admin.


  • No griefing unless instructed otherwise.
  • No stealing
  • PVP is allowed if the other person also agree’s otherwise go to a PVP arena
  • PVE is allowed but leave other people their animals alone.
  • Do not use any Glitch hack or cheat
  • Xray is strictly forbidden
  • Mobs are not allowed with the following exceptions:
    Minimaps/Shaderpacks/resourcepacks/hotkey mods
  • Do not go out of bounds (top of nether / out of world border or set off area’s)
  • Do not destroy any public structure unless told otherwise by staff


  • No cheating hacking or glitching in any way.
  • No mods allowed
  • Do not spawnkill players.
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