BC Minecraft Division

 Special Announcements
  • BC Gaming brand new website design now live!
  • BC Gaming Minecraft division being remade!
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Java: bitcubes.eu
Windows 10:

In to minecraft?

Welcome to BC Gaming!
Our Story based minecraft experience holds the key to a fun play experience!
The Base story leads you to a world and activities that all combines into the story.
From tower defense games to survival in a special way we all have it.
Are you up for the challenge? join and claim your part of the story!

BC Security Standard: Bitcubes does everything in its power to make a safe and friendly play area where everyone is welcome and everyone can play in the different features we offer.
To keep it that way our staff keeps a eye out and if there is anything wrong we are online every day on our discord to help.
Bitcubes is safe for everyone from people with disabilities to people who have a big business life from kids to adults from black to white.
Racism is not welcome here.

Bitcubes MC Server Trailer (Will be replaced with a more accurate one soon!)