Welcome back bitcubers.
This is a very important news item so read it carefully!

I mmuziek was looking at the playerbase and saw a increasing line thats very great!
However many people complain about the hard to locate lobby locations like shops and games
The amount of shops features items and easyness to sell stuff is a point of trouble.

Beside that currently some games are broken some features are not fully working and teleporting from a to b is a trouble.
For example people wanted to get something they now need to go to a different world (lobby world) to get it.
This is causing some issues as the world loading can be heavy for the low end user. beside the RP Addon pack loading at world change.

Now here it comes.
BC is gonna restart. on a Real life World with a lobby in the survival world.
Well what do i mean with real life world? look at this :


Its a Very HUGE recreation of the Real world.
now here it comes. im working on getting that for BC with a spawn / lobby somewhere on it.
Since we have vehicles planes and boats and we want all biomes blocks and such this is the way to do it.

So the world looks like it feels like it but what about the MC structures mobs biomes?
They are still there! Only the structures are gone. This due to the limitation of the generator.
All mobs plants trees caves ores blocks caverns end portals ect are there.

Now what YOU need to do :
1. Store most important stuff in the bank. (in spawn and for premium /bank open)
2. XP can also be stored in the bank otherwise make them into bottles using the liquid tanks.
3. Get minerals out of your claim chest. if u have a lot stored in there remove until you have about 1 week to go. this way you get some minerals back.

The change and conversion shall happen in about a week (21-3-2020)
During this time the server is on lockdown but will unlock fast. During this week i will post some screenshots if i have some.

Good luck!

Ps. Some tips :
Remove automatic farms and store them in the bank they are expensive so saving them allows reuse on the new map.
Mine as you can collect blocks that you wanna use for your house mansion or builds the new map has flat zones and more.
if u have a vehicle pack it up and store it it makes moving to the location you wanna live in on the new map way more easy.
while pets cannot be taken with you the new spawn will include a pet shop!

For any remaining questions please ask them in the discord server General chat