BC MC Updates 20-7-2020

author image by mmuziek | 0 Comments | 20 July 2020

Well hello bitcubers!
we are back with another update post it was just about time we did so here it is!

First before anything else. the last 2 days prior to this message a bug caused the server to freeze as soon as a staff member joined. this is now resolved.
im sorry if u could not join or had problems playing its not resolved!

Next the updates!
the shopping system is back in place and also the boards are soon to be put back on its spot!
we are pretty much there claiming works protections are active and shops are also in working condition.
However some permission nodes are still a bit scrambled and we are working on getting them all back in order.
but we cannot do that without your help!
if you ever bounce against a no permission error please contact us to check if it should be like that.
we are offering a reward to any NON staff players that find those errors
the reward will be a BC Diamond block you can get rewards from

the new world and server has a whole story backing it and many features all story related are there if u have any special ideas for it please contact us to get your suggestion on the list!

Thats it for now thanks for reading and seeya all later!
The bitcubes team

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