BC MC is back online

author image by mmuziek | 0 Comments | 28 March 2020

Hello Bitcubers!
Bitcubes Minecraft servers are back online!
The following changes are made and some are still work in progress:
184 Quests added
New Main world
Regenerated Nether and End
5 New Space worlds added (reachable using the Rocket See Guidebook)
MobArena – WIP
Not 1 but 2 Difficulties Parkour challenges
Updated and fixed the Scoreboards
New Pet store for buying Tropical Fish / Cats / Wolfs(dogs) / Parrots
New VehicleStore for buying Vehicles.
New Rent a shop where you can rent a space on the main road for a physical shop.
New Market System where you can buy/sell items using a local or web interface
Fixed hide and seek minigame and readded it.
New Magic Store selling Magical Blocks and Enchantments.
New General Store Selling many base items aswell as some high end items such as Trident and Totem of undying.
New Airport system (*UNIQUE) Travel by plane to other continents for faster reaching of far away destinations.

And some upgrades to existing stuff:
Creative has been improved at loading speed
Overal world load speed increased.
More easy teleportation to other gamemodes (creative skybase)
More easy Shop system and now for everyone not just the rich people.
Easy selling in one go sell all items you want at the pawn shop for its current value if it doesnt have a value anymore or have no value at all it will not be sold.
Claim system Upgraded it will show a bit more info on Dynmap and cannot be claimed in Protected zones anymore.
Dynmap upgraded a new Listing menu provides more easy finding of worlds. where all space worlds are 3D rendered.
The rewards of parkour has been adjusted to meet their difficulty
Lobby has been Rebuild in survival.
Hidden some easter eggs in the lobby
Commands upgraded so they are more easy to reach (/cmi condense > /condense)
Daily Reward chest moved to back of the lobby area.
Adjusted fuel usage for planes and helicopters to be longer.

And some i missed or forgotten.

Beside that another announcement!
BC Connect is coming back to android! and possibly Other platforms.
more info on that in the next news post 😀

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