Bitcubes maintenance Guidelines

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Hey bitcubers!
Some people asked my why i always restart the server when they are online.
Its not that easy almost the whole day people are online and its impossible to outline it unless i go and keep myself awake to about 3 or 4 hour in the midnight that is something im not gonna do.

However i do keep the following Guidelines:
Full maintenance between 8 and 10 AM GMT+1 this means i may restart when needed with a announcement before.
Night maintenance between 11:59 PM and 8 AM No warn restarts or locked server.

That does not mean i must obey them why is that you might think? well as said before i try to avoid restarting when users are online.

People want a strong and stable network to play on. not those crazy bugs around.
Thats what im doing in the maintenance times.
But sometimes things break mid game and mid day that are very important for the feel of the BC Server.
Then i will go on see what the trouble is and fix it directly as well as a quick 1 minute restart.
I always ask first and wait if needed.

i hope this is more clear to everyone then before im here to help not to make your life harder.
I can say that everything at this moment seems to work fine so no restarts needed