BC Maintenance Update 21-2-2020

 Special Announcements
  • BC Gaming brand new website design now live!
  • BC Gaming Minecraft division being remade!

Sooo some time has passed and i started updating everything and fixing reported bugs again.
The results below are what has been updated/fixed last month and today!:

FIXED BCPack in lobby not staying in all worlds
FIXED BCPack being removed when leaving.
FIXED Entrance to event lobby
FIXED elevator getting stuck and not responding (was a config bug)
Updated Furnaces
Updated Elevators
Updated Foods and Enchantment plugins
Updated Server core
Updated Network Core
Updated Reporting tool
Updated parkour (still need to fix the leaderboards.)
Updated our VPN and Mod detection
Updated our questing tools.

ADDED Nice explosion animations (note if this bugs out for you let me know)