BC Maintenance 7 11 2019 Much updates indeed!

 Special Announcements
  • BC Gaming brand new website design now live!
  • BC Gaming Minecraft division being remade!

it costs a lot of time.
It needs to be done almost every day.
It gets forgotten and ignored all the time

Well i finally got the time to update BC Minecraft.
And with result!
127 Updates have been installed including libs plugins and mc versions.
Since we run on 1.4 thre is no need yet for updating as 1.15 is not out yet.

the major changes are:
The automatic farm is now modular
Defense turrets limit increased for everyone but require ammo now.
the stability is improved. less lag.
and much needed bugfixes for plugins. including luckyblocks and our composters

i hope you are informed enough!
Any questions send them to mmuziek.

Greetings the bitcubes team