author image by mmuziek | 0 Comments | 9 April 2020

Hello bitcubers.
Today is a special day. but sadly due to this the MC and Factorio network are both offline.
This day we upgrade our Server to a new high standard.
We increase the CPU cores with 2 brand new ones and upgrade the CPU to a faster one.
We increase the RAM with 6 Gigs and go from DDR3 to 4
We increase our SSD from 200 GB to 800GB with a brand new flushed cache.

So overall the server gets a MAJOR performanceBoost.
The estimated downtime will be about 12 hours to a day.
Do not hold me on that as the provider needs to move the serverrack to a new position and the Crisis currently on hand lowers the workers in almost all service centers.

After this the following can be noticeable.
Faster servers.
More stable servers.
Quick responding on connect.

Thank you for your patiens.
Any premium users currently active on a monthly plan. will be given something to compensate for the loss of time.

Thank you all
The bitcubes team

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