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do you like making factories?

Like expanding collecting protecting and more?
Start from scratch and build your own factory in this very spooky and hardcore world.
With some vanilla tweaks to fix up the terrible holes you can start exploring and start your own team or team together and make the best and biggest base possible.

It includes:
PVE, PVP , Custom Drills , Mega Decorational pack , Landscaping , team , solo , team research, solo research , own land to start with , Private trains , PVP Turrets , ALIENS!!! , infiniteĀ  mines, and much much more!

In order to join you need our modpack! once you connect your asked to syncronise the mods click allow and you have themĀ  otherwise you can manually install them by downloading the below ZIP en putting the contents in the Mods folder located at : %appdata%/factorio/mods

Note to prevent hackerBots the server uses a Master Password that can be found on this page

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