BC Factorio Division NEW SERVER!

author image by mmuziek | 0 Comments | 7 December 2019

Yes ! finally the BC Network added a public Factorio Server!
it can be found in the factorio server browser and more info including the password can be found on the dedicated factorio page: https://bitcubes.eu/bc-factorio/

The server is a SEMI – Vanilla which means there are some mods to make it more easy to do repeative tasks and to fill holes that normally are very annoying but it will not implement overpowered stuff or custom ores or such so its vanilla with a BC Twist!
The mods are automatically offered on join of the server and the password needed is given on our dedicated page.
Everyone is welcome! for rules visit the rules page or as simple as said No cheats , No hate, No spawnkilling , Follow Admins rules , Leave others alone if they want to, give people a chance to play nobody likes being killed before they have stuff.

See you soon! the bitcubes team!

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