BC Connect Privacy Statement

BC Connect Privacy Statement (V 31-3-2020)

What do we collect:

We do not collect any personal data in the app.
The only exclusion for this is what the webbrowser sends us (ip / browser version / browsertype) which is never stored.


We do not need or use cookies in our app.
The app saves a local file (on your device) which stays there and cannot be opened or seen by anyone other then the app user.


The app is compiled using the standard given by the android firmware.
No privacy items or data are ever saved and nothing is send to our servers.


Our app uses a call api to our webserver.
this api returns the answer to the command send.
The app only sends a command what it needs it does not send any data from your phone except for the data as described in what do we collect.
The Live worldmap is the only one downloading and streaming the preview from your browser cache which can be emptyed by the user of the app. if you empty the cache and open the map again it takes a little longer for it to load.

Bugreports problems complains:

For any bugs you might find any problem u have or complains please email us on [email protected]

General inquiries:

Any question you might have can be asked directly on our discord : https://discord.gg/5r3Y7d6 or by emailing us on : [email protected]

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