BC Connect Out now!

author image by mmuziek | 0 Comments | 31 March 2020

We have a BIG announcement!
in the year 2018 a app named BC Connect was made. it looked crappy but it did what it needed to do.
in the year 2019 januari to be exact the updates stopped due to my software not meeting Google requirements.
Now in 2020 i got new software that meets those requirements and more :

I restarted the entire app from scratch it entirely new made.
new looks new menus new features and it looks so much better !
Since many features we had back then are changed replaced or removed the app is newly made.

Instead of the old link to worldmap the worldmap is now build in.
instead of the news titles limit of 6 now is 10
And instead of click and then open the news externally you can read it in the app.
And thats not it.

The app is now also available for Windows. to install and get the direct functionality on the windows itself.
Direct news direct worldmap and more! Note that windows does not allow embedding a webpage so it links through.

And the app is for other devices useable in the browser aswell the limited HTML5 version can also be accessed to run the app in your browser.

All apps are updated live so once you download and install on windows you can run the updater to get the last release.
For Android google play updates it.
And for the HTML 5 it gets automatically updated!

All info and downloads can be found here : https://bitcubes.eu/bcconnect/

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