Automated Farms and breeders

author image by mmuziek | 0 Comments | 24 June 2020


We all know the people who make massive farms or mobfarms causing a huge lag.
On our server to many animals turn into 1 super animal to prevent lag.
However its not fast this is where automation comes in.
So when your mining underground you can be assured the plants are taken care off and the cows being fed,

How do u use it?

Buy a special automated farm rod in a spawn shop.
place it down on dirt/grass and make sure the ground around it is also dirt or grass.
the higher the level farm the bigger the area around it to optimally use the farm.
It automatically hoe’s the ground for plants simply plant some seeds and the farm does the rest.
however depending on the level of the farm it can only speedup farm growth or harvest plants.
the higher the level of the rod the more it can do.

Rank requirements?

Everyone can use at least 1 farm.
Higher ranks have more possibilities with the rods and have a increased limit

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