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New improvements

The stability of the BC MC 1.17.1 server is getting better.more and more bugs are fixed along the way.Currently today the following noticeable changes have been made.The billboards are all fixed and working again.The vehicleshop now sells all verhicles using a interactive Board.The Anvil rank and up now also have access to brooms.The Conduit rank and up also have SportsBikes now.The new Mechas are added for the Dragon rank.Many plugins are updated.there is just 1 thing.The spawn after a restart may or may not contain itemframes and maps on the ground.DO NOT PICK THEM UP! if u do trow them…

by mmuziek
10 July 2021

1.17 update

Heya bitcubers today the server is back open on 1.17 this means u need minecraft 1.17 to join.Beside that the server is missing a lot of features until they are fixed for 1.17.I hope these fixes will come fast but most important stuff is working.the worldborder has been doubled to a 4000 range instead of 2000. happy exploring :DReport any bugs and problems u might find so we can fix themGood luck the bitcubes team!

by mmuziek
22 June 2021

1.17 and java 16

Hello bitcubers today MC 1.17 has released with a new requirement for 16 a version thats 8 versions ahead of the JRE (the java we use to run games and applets) this means that almost all plugins need to update to java 16 in order to work at all. beside that spigot has not released spigot 1.17 as of yet * 8-6-2021 11:50 amonce spigot is updated and many plugins are updated then i can update the server and increase the world border a bit.keep in mind the 1.17 update is split into 2 parts. so the world is…

by mmuziek
8 June 2021

Bitcubes server update!

Yes here we are again with a massive update to the server.its been some time since i did a update last but now i can say it was a massive one!First the major changes:The player shop district has been removedA new Gamemode (Creative) has been added.The spawn area had a redesign for the shopping district to fit the new gamemode in.The Parkour has been remade and reconfigurated (entry now on the left)And then all the other changes:Updated over 49 pluginsRemoved the BC Easter event and eggs from spawnThe BC Reward system is upgraded to a tiered one. (more info below)A…

by mmuziek
29 May 2021

Big update!

Yes its time again! for a big update!This one is good for existing players and new players aswell as for premium members!here we go!First off! this week a new pack of products are added to the donations store to boost MCMMO skills.Next the claims have some new fixes and a new feature!For existing members (all ranks) you can now help the claimowner by adding time to their claim chest directly instead of a hopper!for All Conduit rank and up members. you can now fly inside claim bounds. this means. if u have conduit u can fly inside enabled claims and…

by mmuziek
23 March 2021

BC Connect 2.5 release

Just a few moments ago BC Connect 2.5 has been released.This includes the following changes.BC Market (removed)Added New commands to the command DBRemoved old not used commands from the Command DB.Changed the windows installed and updater to a single installerThis means u need to remove the old version first before installing this one.However in the future u can just run the new installer over the old one.The web version also got a update to 2.5 because it was running 2 versions behind

by mmuziek
1 February 2021

First update 2021

So its been a while since my last update announcement!Well lets be short about it!The world has gone a overhaul and is now UNLIMITED in size beside that the world looks amazing using a custom world generator. almost all blocks can be found and the once that you cannot find can be purchased in the server market or collected using either composters or skill level.Talking about skill level we now run MCMMO which allows you to level up all abilities making you not only better at it but also give some small boosts.MCMMO is for everyone no exceptions!The BC Premium…

by mmuziek
19 January 2021

BC MC Updates 20-7-2020

Well hello bitcubers!we are back with another update post it was just about time we did so here it is! First before anything else. the last 2 days prior to this message a bug caused the server to freeze as soon as a staff member joined. this is now sorry if u could not join or had problems playing its not resolved! Next the updates!the shopping system is back in place and also the boards are soon to be put back on its spot!we are pretty much there claiming works protections are active and shops are also in working…

by mmuziek
20 July 2020

BC Network update 2020

Since about half a month we have been at work very hard to get our network to the next level.We updated and upgraded our game servers.Same for the webserver and are working on upgrading our donation store.Beside that we also completely renewed and revampt the Minecraft as we announced more early.The website is also completely rebuild from the ground up. all old page styles and features are replaced with new ones. here is a list of major changes: Complete new lookNew donation store setup (WIP)Remade Minecraft and rust pages.Remade all minecraft features into its own WikiPremium page remade.2 new donation…

by mmuziek
3 July 2020

Increased mob difficulties

Information In the survival world we have mobs every night and in caves its the same as vanilla however. with your strengh increasing the mobs around you follow you up never getting the fight boring.Mobs can spawn with a level the higher the level the harder the mob and sometimes even giving them abilities. How do u use it? There is no need to do anything however its recommended to make a shield and wear armor if you are posing a treat to the mobs.since they grow their level if you are killing a lot or wear a lot of…

by mmuziek
24 June 2020
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